Via the Twitter feed of Amir Sariaslan.

Here’s a new form of relationship brought about by the October Revolution. It’s a prisoners’ bedroom in a gulag:

(Wikimedia Commons)

Political scientist Jodi Dean is actually a revolutionary communist.

I have increasingly little doubt that people like Dean — holder of a Princeton degree and two Columbia degrees — would happily see people off to gulags if she had the opportunity — all in the name of “comradeship,” “solidarity,” and fighting hierarchy.

The poli sci department at Colorado College sounds like it runs the ideological gamut from A to B. Dean’s forthcoming lecture on the joy of Bolshevism is part of the Encounters Speaker Series, whose schedule for this academic year is topically … narrow.

We really are going to have to fight this battle all over again.

I didn’t write about it here because I was in Italy at the time, but there was a big row in the UK a few days ago when the LGBTQ student group at a leading London university published a series of tweets, since taken down, defending the Soviet gulag system, in which over one million people perished. Here’s the full story. Screenshots of some of the tweets: