Take a look at that short (13-minute) documentary about what’s happening at Brown University. It was made by Rob Montz, an alumnus who is concerned about the monstrous culture of “weaponized grievance” destroying the core of the university.

It’s not just Brown, of course. It occurs to me that this same movement in American higher education is threatening to marginalize and even crush Christian colleges who hold to the traditional Christian teaching on sex and sexuality, while at the same time wrecking the ability of mainstream universities to do what universities are supposed to do: teach.

Here’s another great clip, this one just over three minutes, by a Haverford College student named Olivia Legaspi. She writes about how the skills and resilience she learned working at McDonalds taught her more about real life and character than the coddling atmosphere at her school:

Funny, but I heard not long ago from the head of a Christian college that he had run into a (secular) employer in his city at a social event, and the employer told the college president that he loved having kids from the Christian college intern there. Why? The Christian college students show up on time, they aren’t hung over, and they have none of the sense of entitlement that so many others of their generation do.

Those clips come from the vital website Heterodox Academy, which warns students that college can make you dumber if you’re not careful.

It is interesting to contemplate where all this is going to put us politically in two or three decades. Privilege factories like these elite universities will continue to manufacture a leadership class besotted with grievance and blind to its own preciousness and bigotry. Meanwhile, outside the walls, discontent and resentment will grow. And then?