For starters, have a Good life, says classical homeschooler Cindy Rollins. Excerpt:

If we are successfully transmitting true values, right judgment and good virtues to our sons and daughters then we need to overcome the trap that measures success by specialties. The liberal arts were designed for the freeborn. In our age that doesn’t mean free from vocation as it might have once meant; it means that the liberal arts should under-gird every free thinking human being. The biologist, lawyer, engineer and our good friend the plumber, all benefit from learning to think as free beings. The liberal arts were not just designed for the classicist.  Of course, we all know this but I wonder if it is the message our students are absorbing?

In my own family, my two oldest sons chose careers based on the ideal of honor. Careers mostly ‘debunked,’ a word Lewis used in his essay, by the culture. My oldest son is in the military special forces and my second born is a police detective.  They did not choose their careers in spite of their somewhat classical education; they chose their careers because of their education. I would never have chosen those roads for my boys  and ‘worser and worser’  I didn’t even see them coming, but today I could not be more proud.