Take a look at this clip. It announces the debut of Caves And Shadows, a classical Christian school curriculum in film studies. Description:

Caves and Shadows: A Classical Approach to Cinema Studies is a multi-tiered cinema studies curriculum providing students, parents, and teachers with a complete, year-long study of cinematic literacy. The study will explore the individual’s role as both audience and creator in an environment that currently offers unlimited access to the consuming and creation of the artificial moving image, approaching the topics of watching and making movies from a uniquely Christian perspective. The course will focus on the grammar, logic, and rhetoric of cinema and how film can be used to specifically deliver information, shape thoughts, form our affections, and influence culture. This curriculum is the first of its kind, combining cinema theory and history, original student exercises, classical pedagogy, and contemporary movie samplings. ​

Here’s a link to the curriculum books. This course is created by Steve Mitchell, a film professional who is within the community of Sequitur Classical Academy, where his wife and mine teach and our kids go to school. I cannot wait for my kids to take it, and I’m eager to know which films they’ll be using for the course.

Here’s a link to the main page. You can order the course now, and the materials will ship in Spring 2018.

Full disclosure: though I know the author and the publisher of the course, I had nothing to do with producing it, have not seen it, and have no financial stake in it. Please don’t take this announcement as a recommendation; once I’ve seen the material, I will recommend it if I can do so. I’m just thrilled that classical Christian educators are doing something like this for kids, and am excited to let readers know about it.