horizontaldanteHey everybody, greetings from the airport. I’m flying today to Charleston, SC, for the CIRCE Institute conference — an annual meeting of classical Christian educators. Tomorrow, there’s an all-day pre-conference event at which Your Working Boy will give several talks, and host discussion, about Dante and a life of harmony. Last I heard, they have a few more slots available to the general public; check here to register. Your admission fee gets you a free copy of How Dante Can Save Your Life, which I’ll be pleased to sign, if you like.

You don’t have to register for the entire conference to come to the pre-conference event. If you liked my Dante book, are interested in talking with other Dante and/or classical Christian education enthusiasts about the Divine Comedy, or just want to come out to verify that I am as funny-looking in person as you suspected from the online photos, come out to the Francis Marion Hotel tomorrow morning and let’s get together.

By the way, I recorded an interview this morning with NPR’s Tom Gjelten, who wanted to talk about the Benedict Option. He wasn’t sure if it was going to air on tomorrow’s Morning Edition or All Things Considered. I was grateful for the chance to talk to Tom, and am pleased that Benedict Option talk is going national in a big way. Be listening for it.