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Cigar Aid For The Cajun Navy

A care package sent by a reader
A care package sent by a reader

Yesterday a BIG box arrived in the mail. It was sent by Jason Clabaugh of CigarWeekly.com, on behalf of his community of readers. They wanted to reach out and send aid and comfort to members of the Cajun Navy. I counted about 200 cigars in the care package. Jason says these are fine cigars from the personal collection of members — all donated out of care and respect for the men who saved flood victims from their rooftops.

Boy, do I wish I smoked cigars. Never have, and can’t stand the smell, so I guess I never will. A friend came to dinner last night, looked at the box, and was impressed to spy some Arturo Fuentes in the mix. I am going to a barbecue on Labor Day at which some Cajun Navy guys will be present, so I will distribute some of these gifts. But there are lots of cigars here, and I want to distribute them as widely as I can. If you live in the Baton Rouge area, love a good cigar, sailed with the Cajun Navy and can prove it with a photo, I’d love to share the Cigar Weekly community’s gift with you. Drop me a line at rod — at — amconmag — dot — com and include a photo of yourself (and your buddies) out in the flood. Maybe next week we can arrange for all the Cajun Navy cigar fans to meet up at a pub or somewhere, and I can pass out the cigars. First come, first served. I don’t know what kind of response to expect, so if we get to a point where I have more Cajun Navy vets wanting cigars than I have cigars, I’ll have to cut the giveaway off.

Be prepared to have me take a photo of you with your cigar(s), so Jason can share it with the smokers who were kind enough to send them.

What a great community of readers this blog has.


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