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The Cat In The Chasuble

“We take the Eucharist at its center seriously, but we do so with humor, with love, with invitation that we hope speaks across generations to the child that’s in all of us,” says the Canadian Anglican priest in this above video from 2010, which an Episcopal reader just sent to me. He goes on to say, in the Eucharistic prayer:

‘This bread we share is my body you see
Take it and eat it in memory of me’
And after they ate, he picked up a drink
And said, ‘There’s more in here than you think
This is My Blood that I give for you
And for those who think their life is through
Because they sin, they should be living
And remember our God is always forgiving.’

Come back, Up With Bishops, all is forgiven!

[H/T: King’s Lynn, an Anglican blog]

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