Y’all have read me blogging about the rock-solid Captain Clay Higgins, the St. Landry Parish sheriff’s deputy who became a regional folk hero for his awesome Crimestoppers videos on local TV. In this one, he goes after a criminal suspect named Bullethead, with an existential starkness that ought to be scored by Ennio Morricone. In this one, he lays into the Gremlins street gang, while surrounded by black pastors and leaders — but was more or less forced to resign after the ACLU complained that he spoke inhumanly about the crooks.

Well, according to the Baton Rouge Advocate, Captain Higgins is considering a run for Congress — either the House or the Senate. He posted the above video to YouTube the other day. It is not explicitly a campaign commercial (if it were, I wouldn’t post it here), and he has not filed for either of the two seats for which he is eligible in the November election. It’s not clear if he is a Republican or a Democrat. It is rather a patriotic-themed clip proclaiming fidelity to America and its people, and calling on us to unite to, um, make America great again. The video, he says, is to see if there is any public interest in a Higgins campaign.

Hey, this year, anything could happen.