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Bullying Canada’s Catholic Schools

American readers, take a moment to give silent thanks for the First Amendment. The Archdiocese of Vancouver is celebrating educational diversity in new and exciting ways. It had to because a pushy family and their pushy lawyer believe in celebrating diversity — and if you march to a different drummer, they’ll sue your butt until you comply:

In a joint statement today, the Catholic Independent Schools of the Vancouver Archdiocese (CISVA), and the family of Tracey Wilson, an 11-year-old diagnosed with gender dysphoria who had attended a Catholic school, announced the CISVA approval of a new policy that accommodates gender expression and students with gender dysphoria.

The Wilson family is applauding the CISVA for paving the way towards accommodating gender expression and gender dysphoria in youth. It will be the first Catholic school district in Canada to have such a policy.


The new policy was developed after Tracey, who was diagnosed with gender dysphoria, filed a human rights complaint because her school did not accommodate her request to be treated as a girl.

The human rights complaint was resolved after the CISVA approved the Gender Dysphoria and Gender Expression policy and paid to the Wilsons a sum that both parties have agreed will remain undisclosed.

Get this — the Wilsons took the kid out of Catholic school over this, and enrolled her in public school, in which she says she’s thriving. But they still sued the Catholic school system under Canada’s absurd human rights law, and ended up not only shaking down the school for cash, but forcing this change on a private school system that she doesn’t plan on returning to. From the CBC:

“This is, as far as we know, certainly a North American first and probably a world first,” said the Wilson family’s lawyer, barbara findlay, who spells her name without capital letters.

“Not only is it important for the students in Vancouver who go to Catholic schools, but it will serve as a template for other Catholic school districts everywhere.”

“Who spells her name without capital letters.” Good grief. Gaze upon the sobriety-inducing visage of barbara findlay, and unlearn oppression — or else she’ll sue.

[H/T: A Canadian reader, whose name I will never, ever reveal, lest barbara findlay Q.C. hunt him down and tear his heart out with her teeth. — RD]

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