Kevin Lindholm’s Dante, upon my bookshelf

You thought this was going to be a Dolly Parton post. Sucka!

Y’all might remember that my wife and kids gave me a 3D printed bust of Dante for Christmas, designed and printed by her colleague Kevin Lindholm at Sequitur Classical Academy. I really love it. I want to share with you some good news from my friends at Mud House, the art and publishing arm of Sequitur Classical Academy. Kevin, the art teacher at Sequitur, has designed a series of 3D printed busts of some great figures from Church history, literature, and education. It’s an eclectic mix; I wouldn’t have expected to see Mortimer Adler, but there he is (see below). Here are the other authors whose busts will be revealed later this spring. The Inklings are there, and so is Walker Percy! Here’s who is available now for purchase; this link takes you to the page.  Behold: