Given that nothin’ blowed up or nothin’, I bet the story of these privileged would-be splodey-dopes is pure SWPL comic gold:

 Police arrested a graduate of one of Manhattan’s most elite prep schools and her Harvard-educated boyfriend yesterday after allegedly finding explosive powder and a sawed-off shotgun in their Greenwich Village apartment. According to court documents, Morgan Gliedman, 27, who attended the Dalton School, and Aaron Greene, 31, are charged with felony possession of an explosive with intent to use, and felony criminal possession of a weapon. The criminal complaint also claims that a “collection of pages” entitled “The Terrorist Encyclopedia” was found in the apartment.

We spoke with a neighbor who resides in the couple’s walk-up apartment at 8 West 9th Street: “They’re hippie types,” he said. “She’s always very friendly, very nice. She looks like she’s eight months pregnant. He’s kind of cold, not the type of person who encouraged politeness. He never said a word to me.”

She’s knocked up, and went into labor before she could be arraigned.

What we’re they planning to blow up? Ed Hardy boutiques? Trust-fund Manhattan terrorists have come a long way from the Weather Underground days.