My local public school system is going through a deep funding crisis, one that resulted in a number of teacher layoffs and program closings at the end of this past school year. There’s a lot of concern locally, and some bitterness. But look what Superintendent Hollis Milton did when the school board granted him a pay raise for meeting most of his professional goals:

After reporting the results, Finance Director Ruthie Davis stated that the Superintendent elected to donate his bonus and his rate increase back to the general fund to be used to celebrate student and employee achievement.

“In addition, the Superintendent’s pay will remain frozen for this school year just as all of the other employees pay have been frozen,” added Davis.

Board President Kevin Beauchamp commended Milton saying, “He did not have to do any of this. There’s not may people out there that would do this. You lead by example and I appreciate it.”

Milton thanked the board for their honest evaluations. “I will do anything that I can to help the students achieve in this district. I want to be here long term and it is an honor and a pleasure to work here.”

What if more leaders of organizations in crisis did that sort of thing?