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Bill Penzey’s Spices Ain’t Nices

You can buy Penzey family spices, without the self-righteousness

You can buy Penzey family spices, without the self-righteousness

When I lived in Philadelphia, I used to shop at a Penzeys Spices [1] shop in my neighborhood. I was especially fond of their Bavarian spice blend [2]. Penzeys says the spice blend comes from, or is at least inspired by, the cooking of owner Bill Penzey Jr.’s grandmother. Nothing tastes better on pork loin or roasted turkey than that stuff. Just the other day I told my wife that I wanted to get some more of it for the holidays, and — not kidding about this — I was planning to go to the Penzeys website and order some by mail.

But: a reader just forwarded the latest e-mail newsletter from Bill Penzey Jr.. I had a vague sense that he was some kind of genial Ben & Jerry’s progressive, but I did not realize until reading this, then spending a bit of time googling, that he’s also a jerk [3]. Here’s what he sent to his customers:

Racism Update: At Penzeys we believe it’s not the use of tools that set us on a different path from the rest of the animal world; what has set humanity in motion is cooking. In our nearly a million years gathered together around the fire, cooking shaped our bodies and transformed our minds. Cooking unlocked our potential and gave birth to reason, to religion, and to politics and government. The kindness of tens of thousands of generations of cooks created our humanity, but racism, sexism, and homophobia can all very quickly unravel all the goodness cooking puts out into the world. As the voice of cooks, we will never sit idly by while that happens.
You may have read Tuesday Night’s email [4]. In it I said: “The open embrace of racism by the Republican Party in this election is now unleashing a wave of ugliness unseen in this country for decades. The American people are taking notice. Let’s commit to giving the people a better choice. Our kindness really is our strength.”
Since I ask you to read my emails, I feel it’s only right that I read each of your replies. In sifting through those replies it was clear that, though not intended, a good number of people seemed to sincerely believe that in my statement I was calling all Republicans racists. In the emails of those Republicans who voted for someone other than the party’s nominee, I sensed genuine pain at having the strength of character to not go along with what was happening, but nonetheless be grouped in with those who were. I apologize for writing something that caused you pain; that is not the person I want to be. You are your party’s future, and you deserve my admiration and respect, and your country’s as well.
For the rest of you, you just voted for an openly racist candidate for the presidency of the United States of America. In your defense, most of you did so without thinking of the consequences of your candidate’s racism, because for most of you the heartbreaking destruction racism causes has never been anything you or your loved ones have had to experience. But the thing is elections have their consequences. This is no longer sixty years ago. Whether any of us like it or not, for the next four years the 80% of this country who did not just vote for an openly racist candidate are going to treat you like you are the kind of person who would vote for an openly racist candidate.
You can get angry at everyone else for treating you like you just did the thing you just did, or you can take responsibility for your actions and begin to make amends. If you are lucky and younger family members are still coming over for Thanksgiving, before it’s too late, take a moment and honestly think about how your actions must look through their eyes. Simply saying “I never thought he’d win” might be enough. But if you have the means, leaving a receipt from a sizable donation to the ACLU or the SPLC accidentally laying around where you carve the turkey, might go over even better.
Or, just do what you do best and volunteer. Through our customers’ support, we’ve given away a lot of our Penzeys Pepper, the Pepper with heart. More often than not, those we meet cooking and serving food to feed those in need are Republicans. You really are a good bunch, but you just committed the biggest act of racism in American history since Wallace stood in the schoolhouse doorway 53 years ago. Make this right. Take ownership for what you have done and begin the pathway forward.
Thanks for reading,

[email protected]

Got that? Most of the people Bill Penzey meets serving food to the poor and hungry are Republicans, but a lot of them voted for Trump, and they’re going to have to prove their moral worth to ol’ Bill before he will give them a pass.

Well. I’m a conservative who did not vote for Trump, but I don’t want any part of Bill Penzey’s sanctimony and condescension. I’m not a big one for boycotts, and it doesn’t bother me one bit if a merchant holds political opinions opposed to my own, and advocates for his or her candidate or issue. That’s what America is about. But I’m not about to spend a solitary sou, farthing, or pfennig in the store of a merchant who has such open contempt for people like me. No, I didn’t vote for Trump, but as far as I’m concerned, I would like for Bill Penzey to assume that I did. I know lots of good men and women who voted for Trump, and the idea that Bill Penzey despises them puts me off of his business for good.

There’s a happy ending here. While looking around online to see what Bill Penzey’s problem is, I discovered that his sister Patty Erd and her husband Tom run a competing (but much smaller) spice business, called The Spice House [5]. Bill Penzey Sr. and his wife started the business in the 1950s, and Patty inherited it. Bill Jr, her younger brother, started his own catalog company, Penzeys. I have no idea what the Erds’ politics are — far as I know, they could be commies, or they could be Trumpkins — but they don’t seem to make a habit of getting on their high horse and insulting their customers. Even better, they make a Bavarian seasoning!  [6]

I buy all of my spices at my local spice shop, but they have nothing in stock like the Bavarian blend. I have just ordered some from The Spice Shop [6] for my Thanksgiving turkey — and if you’re looking for something different and delicious to try this year, I recommend the same to you.


This Bill Penzey reminds me of the proprietor of a neighborhood coffee shop on Court Street in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, when we lived there in the late 1990s. Cobble Hill is very much a liberal place, and the kind of neighborhood where people want to support the local guy, but this shop owner was so over the top obnoxious in his left-wing politics that he drove people away. You didn’t want to go there, because the guy couldn’t stand kids, and you felt that he was constantly hovering over you judging you for failing to live up to his extremely particular standards. When Starbucks opened down the street, that was the end of him, if only because Starbucks was happy to welcome moms with strollers, and you could sit and have your cup of coffee without being judged.

UPDATE: The Spice House folks have kindly written to invite this blog’s readers to become new customers. If you’ve never ordered from The Spice House [5] before, use the promo code NOPOLITICS to get free shipping on your first order. Isn’t that great?

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249 Comments To "Bill Penzey’s Spices Ain’t Nices"

#1 Comment By RHODA KAPUGI On January 7, 2018 @ 1:37 pm

I love Penzey’s the spices and the politics!

#2 Comment By Erin Smith On January 9, 2018 @ 3:20 pm

Mr. Dreher,
Thank you!!! I am so happy to find an alternative and hopefully reliable spice company minus the political price to pay for it! If nothing else, thank you for your perception and generosity in sharing this information. Those of us out here in “regular” America really don’t want to pick any fights. We just love our country and want to live in peace. Thank you so much!

#3 Comment By Ann Hope On January 10, 2018 @ 11:12 am

The Spice House spices are just as good and without the side of condescending, sneering politics. I quit Penzeys years ago.

#4 Comment By Janice On January 15, 2018 @ 12:47 pm

Hmmmm … I have to admit that I was a little perplexed with all of Bill’s emails over the last year… my thought was that I’d hate for Penzys to lose business over their politics. But Wait…..
It’s MLK day and I’m off to introduce some friends I’m lunching with to a Penzys store (we are fortunate to have one locally)!! Unless you live in a bunker … I’m going to guess you’re familiar with the trump events from the last couple of days.
Bill… voice your politics and be proud of them!! Those who voted for trump knew his racial views, he wore it on his sleeve. It’s an ugly topic but those who voted for him who dont think they are racist should dig deep … you’ve got it in you. And if you are interested in healing it, you need to first recognize where u stand. I was so amused when Paul Ryan said he has great friends who are doctors who are Hatians …. Dig Just a Little, Paul = it’s in you.
Bill knew the risks of voicing his political opinion … the republican politicians know the risks of voicing their political position … which I guess is why they can’t and won’t denounce the obvious, or much like some people commenting here, are also not in touch with who they are.
You might not be able to see your racist selves but everyone else around you can. And those who are affected daily by racism because of the various colors of their skin, they are even more keenly aware of who the racists are. Don’t believe that just because you have a couple “of friends” you are off the hook.

#5 Comment By cheryl silha On January 16, 2018 @ 6:09 pm

Politics does NOT belong in a store that simply sells spices. I will never go back into a Penzeys. I will take the alternative thank you.

#6 Comment By Maurice On January 21, 2018 @ 6:18 pm

Trump has been an unmitigated disaster, and you are still playing this song?

[NFR: This blog was posted on November 18, 2016. Please, dear, try to keep up. Even so, I absolutely stand by this most, even as I agree that Trump has been a bad president. Trump’s poor governance and obnoxiousness does not legitimate Bill Penzey’s being an ass who insults his customers. — RD]

#7 Comment By Chris Sharp Sr. On January 25, 2018 @ 9:45 am

While I agree that Mr. Penzey’s approach may be a bit “over the top” with regard to approach and method, this IS AMERICA and he fully has the right to speak his mind in such a fashion, just as you have the right to purchase or not purchase his products. However,I feel what is more important is the “nerve” Penzey struck with his statements regarding the fact that many people who voted for Trump either overlooked or failed to realize the long term effect of their actions. (Including some high ranking members of the Republican Party!) Having said that, I am reminded of an old adage that states “It is never to late to do the right thing”, which I believe is the message that Mr. Penzey is trying to convey. Bravo Mr. Penzey! If you keep shooting yourself in the foot, stop reloading the gun!

[NFR: I did not vote for Trump. I don’t want to be yelled at by virtue-signaling merchants, either right-wing or left-wing. I quit buying from Penzeys because of it. — RD]

#8 Comment By diana On February 1, 2018 @ 5:06 pm

the spice house and savory spice are even better and not haters. i was a faithful customer at store in houston heights, just can’t do it!

#9 Comment By Robert On February 2, 2018 @ 12:36 pm

Hilarious! Many times I’ve heard that religion and politics don’t mix, but I didn’t realize spices and politics are taboo! Keep the ignorant comments coming! I hope Bill Penzey keeps shining a light of truth on the people hiding in the shadows of racism.

[NFR: Maybe he’ll sprinkle some garamasala on them. That’ll fix everything. — RD]

#10 Comment By Linda Ayres On February 8, 2018 @ 9:15 pm

I was a loyal customer of Penzey’s for years. After his political rant, I vowed I would never give his company another dime. I was online looking for another quality spice company and came across this informative article. I will give The Spice House a try. Thanks!

#11 Comment By Carole Weigel On February 12, 2018 @ 8:15 pm

FYI Linda Ayers, spice house and Penzyys are owned by member of the same family. I would not deal with either.

#12 Comment By Linda Ayres On February 18, 2018 @ 9:02 pm

It’s amazing to me the amount of ignorance and hate in so many of the comments here. Bill Penzey is absolutely entitled to his own opinion, as are each one of us. What good does it do to make fun of, run down, or dismiss someone just because they don’t agree with us? The fastest way to start a heated argument is to discuss religion or politics. The “we’re right – you’re wrong, we’re smart – you’re stupid” mentality. We all have reasons for our beliefs and why we believe them. So please, Bill Penzey and everyone else,just state your opinions and leave out the personal judgement.

#13 Comment By vicki On February 19, 2018 @ 1:10 am

i will never ever eat another penzey spice again.

#14 Comment By Kathleen Crooks Carlson On February 20, 2018 @ 12:21 am

The Spice House closed permanently on January 30th…I will miss it because it was/is about 1/2 a mile from my home…but I admire Bill Jr. for his political courage…so many voted for Trump because supposedly “he tells it like it is”, which actually means he’s lying to you…unlike Trump, Bill may sometimes be a bit less tactful than you’d like, but he does “tell it like it is”…for real. I have shopped at both stores, and will have no intellectual, moral, or tempermental problem switching all my business to one of Bill (Jr.)’s stores…his father and mother
would be proud of him!!

#15 Comment By Mike Sigler On March 4, 2018 @ 9:51 pm

I don’t know where you live Kathleen, but I called them today. Bill hates me as I’m a Republican. That’s ok. I just don’t want to give him my money. I’m happy his sister is providing the same spices without the political commentary. I like to sit down and enjoy my food that’s nicely spiced, but Bill only sells bitters now… good for Manhattans, but for the rest?

#16 Comment By catarina kruljac On March 14, 2018 @ 8:54 pm

I used to buy from Penzeys.com until I started reading his “messages” in every new catalog. Condescending and elitist. But I have to shop there one more time! My daughter-in-law gave me a Penzey gift card for Christmas, and I need some good soup herbs! After that, au revoir one more time, Mr. Bill.

#17 Comment By chrome agnomen On April 4, 2018 @ 1:34 pm

“i’m not a big one for boycotts.”
followed by
“But I’m not about to spend a solitary sou, farthing, or pfennig in the store of a merchant who has such open contempt for people like me. No, I didn’t vote for Trump, but as far as I’m concerned, I would like for Bill Penzey to assume that I did. I know lots of good men and women who voted for Trump, and the idea that Bill Penzey despises them puts me off of his business for good.”

#18 Comment By Virginia On April 13, 2018 @ 7:01 pm

LOVE Bill Penzey & Penzey’s spices more & more with each message! His messages are right on target and so compassionate, true ‘patriotism’. Thank goodness. Gives me hope for the future of our country & society.

And thanks for the tip on Spice House-I definitely will NOT purchase from them.

I have been buying MORE Penzey’s spices than ever …and cooking more! As an activist, I do need to keep up my strength as we clean up the mess created by Trump supporters/voters and right-wing apologists, and the hold the line against the dangers fomented by Trump, the ignorant, racist, misogynist, xenophobic, fascist megalomaniac, before he entirely destroys our country.

And,I’m glad to have given delicious Penzey’s products as gifts to introduce even more people to Penzey’s, and recommended Penzey’s to so many friends across the country, who are also now huge Penzey’s fans and customers!

#19 Comment By Beth On April 14, 2018 @ 5:26 am

I’m pretty sure you misinterpreted the message. Bill doesn’t hate people, but clearly stated that voting for Trump was complicit with racism. It was. So, why cry that people didn’t respond favorably to that behavior? Why be offended for people that are able to condone overt racism?

Maybe it means you are not yet able to recognize it.

Maybe it means, as he pointed out, that you’re privileged enough not to share the terrible consequences of what voting for Trump did to this country….. Yet. But ultimately, we all will.

#20 Comment By Judy On April 14, 2018 @ 12:03 pm

I was introduced to Penzy’s by a friend who grew up in Wisconsin, home of Penzy’s. She and the rest of her immediate family, Republicans all, could not bring themselves to vote for Trump. I think Bill Penzy’s comments come from a place of love and hope. and are meant to appeal to people’s better angels. And there is not one whit of condescension or hate in any of his messages. I will continue to buy Penzy’s wonderful offerings with joy and gratitude.

#21 Comment By Bill Parker On April 14, 2018 @ 12:46 pm

I love Penzey’s spice products and visiting their stores.
I think it is terrific that the owner is willing to share his opinion on politics and doing the right thing. Too many business owners today are supporting a political cause due to its helping their business and not because it is the right thing to do.

#22 Comment By Tiny On April 16, 2018 @ 10:53 am

Bill Penzey is absolutely entitled to his opinions but as he hates me, without knowing me, I will spend my money elsewhere. The Spice House works nicely. BTW have been a Penzey’s customer since the late 80’s. Bye bye.

#23 Comment By Mary in Texas On April 17, 2018 @ 12:49 pm

All I have to say is: What did Penzey expect Republicans to do: vote for Hillary?? Not vote (the same as voting for HIllary)?? I didn’t vote for Trump in the Primary, but I sure as he*l wasn’t voting for Hillary, a criminal, or stay home (same as voting for a criminal for President). Good grief! Obama hates whites,per his book (maybe “his”) and that’s not racist? Hypocrisy is alive and well and in control.

#24 Comment By Barry Mason On April 20, 2018 @ 9:16 am

I’m very glad the owner of Penzy’s showed his hand. I used to go there several times a year to stock up. Not after he said that! This made me more diligent in identifying conservative-owned companies from which to buy anything. Thanks for the heads-up, Bill!

#25 Comment By Susan Jones On May 20, 2018 @ 12:07 am

Penzey’s or Spice House, the family got your money. Good for them. Good for Bill to be willing to forgo your business in the interest of free speech. Me? I love Penzey’s and I like his willingness to give back to the community. That there are brick and mortar stores is even better. My relationship goes back to 1997 when it was catalogue.

#26 Comment By SuzyQ On May 24, 2018 @ 10:43 am

Someone mentioned Penzey’s to me as a good source of excellent spices, I finally looke him up, and found this page – NOW I REALLY DO WANT TO BUY SPICES FROM PENZEY’S, HE IS A MAN AFTER MY OWN HEART.
And no, he did not condemn all conservatives who did not vote for Trump, if you read carefully he only says that it’s sad and not fair, but all conservatives will be blamed for this disaster even if they did not vote for Trump themselves. And THAT is true, and yes it is sad and unfair, but that’s life.
To all those who are reacting with such self-righteous indignation: you would say the same thing if the president was a lousy liberal.

#27 Comment By Karla On June 5, 2018 @ 1:41 pm

I too, have contemplated stopping at Penzey’s because of his lengthy newsletters he sends spouting his politics. Just sell me spices, I don’t need to hear about your politics! I found this blog because I recently placed an online order with them for the first time, since they had some free spices only available free online. the order was placed a week and a half ago and I’ve emailed them twice since trying to get the status of it since I’ve not heard anything from them besides the confirmation of the order. I’ve heard nothing back. I wanted to see if anyone else had experienced this.

I have a local store nearby and only recently have there been pleasant workers there. Usually the ones working in there have been grumpy with no personality.

Thank you for giving basically the same spices but a different company. As long as they don’t spout their political views, I’ll order from there from now on.

#28 Comment By Chimmchurri On June 14, 2018 @ 11:46 am

I too have gotten turned off by Bills disgusting insult to our intelligence, and have started shopping at their competition, [5] or another smaller company I love to use, more recently:

#29 Comment By Lady Forward On June 23, 2018 @ 4:06 pm

Well, I guess the events of the past several weeks do support Bill Penzey’s position that the U.S. has an openly racist president… as if we haven’t known this for the past 2+ years.

#30 Comment By Julie Robertson On June 28, 2018 @ 5:10 pm

The Spice House site is lovely, and most of the Penzeys stores have closed –

#31 Comment By Ruth criger On July 5, 2018 @ 3:21 pm

I love Penzeys even more for speaking out against wrong. I hope he never stops!

#32 Comment By IamNotRequired On July 5, 2018 @ 8:09 pm

This is American. You have the right to your opinion. You have the fight to express your opionion, and make choices based on that opinion. But, you have the right to the results of expressing and acting on your opinion.

I will never buy at Penzeys again, nor support them imn any way

#33 Comment By Leane L Gurry On July 7, 2018 @ 7:35 pm

Business and politics do not mix. I really don’t care what you think, but since you have ranted your position I will now take my business to Spice House. What a shame. I was so happy you opened in Albuquerque NM.

#34 Comment By Travis On July 24, 2018 @ 10:52 am

Savory Spice is also a really great choice for spices! They don’t talk about their political views because to them it’s all about making great spices and cooking. Check them out too [8]

#35 Comment By Hck On July 25, 2018 @ 5:44 pm

Thanks so much for your blog post. I will start shopping at Penney’s right away. I love supporting companies who are will to speak out and do the right thing!

#36 Comment By Sarah Christianson On July 31, 2018 @ 1:27 pm

If you read this and thought “Bill Penzey just said he hates Republicans”, you don’t read well. He said “you are a good bunch”, speaking of Republicans he meets who donate their time feeding the poor. He also thanked and expressed his “respect and admiration” for non-Trump voters in the party. Or did you miss that part? He just challenged those people who did vote for Trump to think about what they have done to harm others.

#37 Comment By Karen On August 3, 2018 @ 12:53 am

While you are certainly correct in spending you money where you want, I will promote Penzeys and the spice house, penzeys definately for taking a stand against a racist myscliginistic homophobic hate filled potus and all his ilk.

[NFR: Finally, someone with the guts to take on mycligniny! Next, I hope he will lead a crusade against mucilage. — RD]

#38 Comment By Junior On August 5, 2018 @ 4:39 pm

I stopped shopping at Penzey’s back when he introduced his “Mural of Flavor” blend with a piece that basically said anyone who didn’t support open borders was a racist. I’ve happily shopped at the Spice House ever since. BTW, if you like their Bavarian, you’ll love their Hyde Park blend. I think their Milwaukee Iron seasoning is fantastic.

#39 Comment By Bob Meyers On August 9, 2018 @ 9:49 am

Too bad. I used to be a regular Penzeys mail order customer.They have excellent high-quality products and some of the best spice blends I’ve found anywhere. They started getting stranger and stranger a few years ago, and it got to the point I just couldn’t take it any more.What idiots.
I really miss Chili 9000…

#40 Comment By Mrs. Klein On August 15, 2018 @ 9:17 am

Just stumbled across this blog post while looking for an alternative to Penzeys for my own kitchen. The emails have only gotten worse over the past two years. I wrote to Bill, letting him know how tired I was of the virtue-signaling and the heavily politicized advertising. He wrote back very promptly, with the same condescending tone that characterizes all his emails. I’ve copied his response below, for the enjoyment of your readers. I am chiefly struck by the number of assumptions he makes about my political views merely from the disclosure that I find the use of his own as a marketing gimmick distasteful. Disheartening, to say the least.

“Now you’ve reached the point of attacking virtue itself? How much lower do they have to go before you say enough?

Is there no amount of racism, environmental destruction, taking of education and health care from the poor that will cause you to stand up to what they’ve become?

I’m sorry your time with us could not help you. We will try harder in the future.”

#41 Comment By Babette On September 2, 2018 @ 11:52 pm

Not even a pinch (smidgen?) of irony noted of his privilege having been built on one of the great causes and consequences of imperial expansionism…the spice trade?

#42 Comment By Bonnie On September 3, 2018 @ 8:33 pm

I have not purchased one thing from Penzeys since a political e-mail he sent out right after Trump won the Presidency. And almost all of my spices were from Penzeys. I regret every hard earning dollar I spent on his spices. Thank-you for the alternatives in the blog. While Bill has the freedom of speech, he doesn’t respect others freedom to vote for someone who doesn’t meet his approval. Instead, he attempts to shame people for their choice. His actions are shameful. As are all those who call people racist because they have a difference of opinion that doesn’t have anything to with race. It has to do with politics and control. In reality, Republicans do not care one bit about what this sorry person has to say. We won, he lost and he’s being a big baby about it.

#43 Comment By John Dalton On September 10, 2018 @ 2:56 pm

Age old liberal response – can’t beat with ideas, so you call them racist – so sad, although so predicable. Penzey’s never again.

#44 Comment By Karl Gustavson On October 9, 2018 @ 6:37 pm

I’m confused about 3 things that maybe some Leftist here can help me understand: 1.) Can someone please cite a specific article or quote in which President Donald Trump exhibits racism? I recently read a story from about 10 years ago wherein Donald Trump let a black woman live for free in one of his buildings after the local manager was trying to kick her out as a squatter. When she told her sad story of homelessness to Donald Trump, he furnished the apartment and told her she could live there rent free for the rest of her life. Yet, I keep hearing the Leftists hammer home their claims of racism. As my math teacher used to say, “Please show your work.” Cite some specifics instead of more empty rhetorical slander. 2.) What are Bill’s problems with Christians, or with white males? Does he regurgitate the entire Leftist menu of communist propaganda, or is his rant limited to the claim of Trump racism? 3.) The math doesn’t add up for me. Someone on the Left help me here. Bill Jr. is calling out ‘HATE’…Republicans are HATEFUL…dare I say, DEPLORABLE people. Yet the only one exhibiting evidence of hate, bigotry and creed-ism here is Bill. How, in this story is Bill Jr. a good guy? How is he worthy of me spending my hard earned dollars at his store? It adds up to ‘NO SALE’ on my right vs. wrong, decent human being calculator.

#45 Comment By CB On October 9, 2018 @ 8:32 pm

Thanks for telling me how awesome the Bavarian blend is. Going to order some right now.

#46 Comment By AdamaL On October 19, 2018 @ 6:58 pm

I’ve always been a fan of Penzey’s Spices. Now Philly has a store directly across the street from Independence Hall for the world to see. We find Bill’s political opinions thoughtful, refreshing, and a model for business leaders everywhere: speak truth to power and let the dollars fall where they may.
I love all people and will continue to cook them good food. Thank you Penzey’s for using the platform for good. We will only boycott if you go silent.
And I can’t buy enough Salsa & Pico — We use it for everything!

#47 Comment By James Mason On October 20, 2018 @ 5:53 pm

Politics and business never mix. Bill just pissed off 50% of his customer base. If I was a stock holder he would be fired on the spot for selfishly screwing up a good business and investment of other peoples money. I was a 20+ customer. I am unable to tolerate intolerance and ignorance.

#48 Comment By RJ On October 21, 2018 @ 5:41 pm

The previous post seems to be saying:
“I can’t tolerate intolerance.”
What an interesting and revealing thing to say.

#49 Comment By MW On November 17, 2018 @ 4:59 pm

Just ordered from The Spice House based upon your recommendation after today’s email rant from Penzys to celebrate 11.6.18 as the New V-day. Really? We have found our new spice source!