You’re invited.  The first one in Q&A who asks if I’m saying Christians ought to head for the hills will be taken out back and held down and forced to listen to Patrick Deneen warble this beloved contemporary Irish Catholic hymn. And the first one who thinks he’s really saying something when he insists that Alasdair MacIntyre wouldn’t really support the Benedict Option will get the same treatment.

Anyway, it should be fun, so I hope to see you there. The talk is free, so I promise you’ll get what you pay for.

UPDATE: People. People! I just received an email from Alasdair MacIntyre saying friends of his tell him that I claim he showed up at my lecture in Paris. How can that be, he asked, given that he hasn’t been to Paris in years? Y’all, it was a joke! The link took you to a clip of Groundskeeper Willie insulting a French audience as “cheese-eating surrender monkeys.” I took the damn thing down because I don’t want people telling poor Prof. MacIntyre that I’m lying about him. Good grief…