This monkish draught is what I’m drinking right now as I prepare for a trip to Italy. I just wanted to post this picture, is all

I met a wonderful new friend in St. Francisville at Walker Percy Weekend. She’s a lawyer in Brooklyn. She writes today:

Hope all is well! It was such a pleasure to meet you this past weekend, which was a delight from start to finish. St. Francisville is so special; wonderful place, wonderful people, and it reminded me (again) of how much I love Louisiana. Can’t wait until next year.

I wanted to take you up on your kind offer to post something on the blog re: folks in New York who are BenOp-curious and looking to connect with each other. For example, I’ve often thought how much I’d love to have something like Eighth Day Institute’s Sisters of Sophia or Hall of Men here in Brooklyn, for those of us longing for practical ways to orient our lives toward true and beautiful things and hoping to find fellow travelers. Surely there are enough New York readers of the blog to make this happen? Or suggest an existing local forum that would welcome newcomers?

Anybody interested? Post in the comments how to get in touch with you, or write me privately at rod — at — amconmag — dot — com, and I’ll pass your contact on to the reader.