A reader writes:

I have been reading your blog for a few years now. I just read your article where you said that Classical Christian schools are dragging (in a good way) families and churches along behind them. I agree. We are currently homeschooling 5 children, ages 6-11. We live in an area that is a wilderness (in terms of schools and churches that think along BenOp-ish terms).

I am tracking with the stuff you have written. I think it is right on. It just isn’t to be found where we currently live. We are open to re-locating our family, but honestly, it feels a little bit like a shot in the dark.

In your research for your book, have you come across any areas/communities with schools and churches that think along Ben Op lines? We would like to stay in the Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania region, if possible. However, we would consider moving further south or east, if necessary.

The reader, by the way, is a Protestant.

Anybody have any suggestions? Leave them in the comments section. Thanks.