A BBC feature writer without enough to think about worries that we’re losing bad movies.  Excerpt:

In his Purdue University class on bad films, assistant professor Lance Duerfahrd screens old science fiction movies, 1950s health-and-hygenie films and other poorly-produced films. They come complete with bad special effects, actors forgetting their lines and props missing from one cut to the next.

These obvious flaws can provide viewers with a different experience than that of a well-made movie.

“There’s some room for play and room for unexpected delights,” Mr Duerfahrd says. “Most films force-feed us.”

Wait, what? Do you know how much it costs to go to Purdue? If you live in state, $23,500; out-of-staters pay $42,500. If I were bleeding out that kind of money for my kid to go to Purdue, I would shoot his damn laptop if he signed up for a class about bad films. I mean, J.C. from Vicksburg!

(I have officially become my father. Just so you know.)