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Army Corps Of Social Engineers

The US military will now pay for sex-change operations for soldiers who want them (niyazz/Shutterstock)

God save the queens:


It’s not so much the gays in the military thing as it is the ritualized “strength in our diversity” codswallop.

Meanwhile, in the world’s most powerful military since the Roman legions:

I recently received a copy of the new “Tier Three Transgender Training” materials—a PowerPoint and accompanying lesson plan excerpted below, with full documents at these links—that the Army is now using in mandatory training for all soldiers. The active-duty officer who sent the materials completed the training with 40 other soldiers last week instead of conducting their morning physical training as usual.

The force-wide presentation sheds quite a bit of light on the implications of the rule change on transgender service members. The policy prioritizes subjective feelings over combat-readiness and inverts military order by placing the needs of individuals over the well-being of their units.

The policy allows transgender soldiers to switch their “gender marker” in the Army’s personnel database without undergoing sex reassignment surgery or any other physical changes.


For example, “Vignette Four” of the training module presents the following scenario: “following her transition from male to female (which did not include sex reassignment surgery) and gender marker change in DEERS [DEERS is the military’s personnel database], a transgender Soldier begins using female barracks, bathroom and shower facilities. Because she did not undergo a surgical change, the Soldier still has male genitalia.”

How should troops respond? “Soldiers must accept living and working conditions that are often austere, primitive, and characterized by little or no privacy.”


Read the whole thing. In blunt terms, the US Army orders female soldiers to tolerate a man who calls himself a woman showering with them, because there is Strength In Our Diversity™. Thanks, Obama! I wonder if Trump will reverse this policy.

Have we forgotten what a military is for? Christians who are orthodox had better ask themselves if this is the kind of army in which we can in good conscience serve.

I would like to remind my fellow conservative Christians, the ones who worship America and “freedom,” exactly what you affirm in your thoughtless lauds offered to the American order.

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