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Are Christians To Blame for EU Migrant Crisis?

Scharnhausen, Germany (Frank Gaertner / Shutterstock.com)

Thank you all for your patience with my approving comments today. I’ve spent the day in New Orleans with my son Lucas. We went to the World War II museum, then Christmas shopping. I can approve comments from my iPhone, but it’s clunky, and I wanted to pay more attention to my son.

The most interesting comment I saw on this blog today was the following remark by a German reader, on the Roger Scruton post thread. Excerpt:

Read Scruton’s lecture, not convinced at all by it. Anybody who thinks more Christianity could help stem the current tide of mostly Islamic mass migration doesn’t understand what’s going on. At least here in Germany the “refugee” influx is justified explicitly in Christian terms by politicians of all stripes, from the Christian Democrats to the Greens and even the Linke (the successors of the East German communists). Bishops and other church leaders make explicitly pro-Islamic statements of the sort “Islamic culture will be enriching” and even try to downplay reports of Muslim asylum seekers bullying Christian ones. For me the lesson is clear…Christianity is part of the problem, not of the solution. Whatever happens, the part played by Christian elites in the mess we’re in now won’t be forgotten or forgiven.

This is a disturbing thing to hear, but if true, then we Americans — and American Christians — need to hear it. I’d like to hear from other European readers, Christian and non-Christian, about this issue. Is German Reader (who is not a Christian) correct? Please elaborate.

UPDATE: Please, readers, in your comments, stick to the topic at hand. It’s distracting from the point of the discussion here to blame Western wars for the migrant crisis. You could also blame climate change for the Syrian war (and you would have a point, as has been reported). All those things are factors, but not what I’m interested in talking about on this thread. Stay focused on the role of Christians in shaping European government policies and public opinion regarding migrants.

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