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And Now, The Cajun Army

A great question. Look at what these amazing people are doing:

A new group called the Cajun Army is hitting the streets across South Louisiana, helping people with recovery efforts.

Similar to the Cajun Navy, who provided countless water rescues when flood waters were at their highest, the group offers a ‘more boots on the ground’ approach to help those in need.

Suzanne Foret recently enlisted and joined fellow soldiers to gut a home on Lake Avenue in Baton Rouge.

“It feels really good to get out there and help each other and help out other people and get this situation handled,” Foret said. “We’re taking care of each other. Louisiana takes care of each other and that’s what we’re doing.”

Volunteers are not just coming from Louisiana. The group started a week ago under the command of Chris King and two of his friends. Now thanks to social media and a walkie-talkie phone app, the force is now about 3,000 volunteers strong from all over the country.

“We’ve got people in Wisconsin, Texas, Mississippi, and Florida,” King said. “We got all kind of people that are connected with us working behind the scenes from computers.”

Join the Cajun Army here, for folks without boats.

Who said civil society is dead? Not here in south Louisiana. We’re poor in many ways, but richer than most folks in others.

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