Hey, I’m in the Canadian Rockies tonight, drinking beer with Lutherans. I love me some Canadian Lutherans. They’re the good kind, the ones who actually believe. Talking to some after I got here, I am all filled in on the ridiculous situation orthodox Christians are facing in Canada, thanks to the March Of Progress. I heard good things about Calgary’s Catholic bishop, Fred Henry, who, I am told, is no friend of progressives. “He tells them to go pound sand,” said one Lutheran pastor, appreciatively.

On the long flight up from Houston, I transcribed more of my interviews with the Norcia monks, and was once again excited about the Benedict Option book (it has been a long slog through bronchial infection and the Enlightenment). I can’t wait to commit their words to the printed page. I’m going to be sharing some of what they said tomorrow with the audience here. I’ve got to tell you, this stuff is plain Christianity, but solid gold. Just you wait. Encountering their words again made me want to be back in Norcia for another week, just listening and being with them.

Unfortunately for me, I was waiting for compline tonight, and suddenly BOOM, the fact that I got up at five a.m. to drive to the New Orleans airport caught up with me all at once. I made my excuses, then retired to my room. More tomorrow. Did I tell you how much I like this crowd of Canadian Lutherans?