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A Word In Favor Of Britain’s Fundie Muslims

Earlier, I posted an essay by a British writer who is leaving her London neighborhood because she is tired of the conservative Muslims taking over the public square and turning her neighborhood into a place that is hostile to non-Muslims. Here, perhaps, is the other side. Above is a promotional video for the so-called Safer Sex Ball at the University of Exeter. Mind you, this is an event sponsored by the university. Watch the thing, though be advised that it might not be safe for some workplaces. Keep in mind that this is not a “gotcha” video, but rather what the university wants you to know about the event.

Well, guess what happened next? From the newspaper account:

More than one employee of the Students’ Guild at the Russell Group university was held responsible for filming and sharing the footage of the couple in the student bar during the Safer Sex Ball.

Guild senior management confirmed it had taken the “strongest possible” disciplinary action over the leaked footage following a “rigorous” investigation.


Footage of the amorous couple having oral sex next to the Ram pool table was filmed by a member staff on a smart phone in the Ram’s CCTV monitoring room before the film leaked online.

In the film, several individuals are clearly heard commenting on the footage.

One male staff member asked: “Can I upload this to YouTube?” before another colleague responded “no” twice.

Understand that the controversy is not over the couple having oral sex in the middle of a party, but over the public act being filmed and publicized.

The UK reader who sent me these clips writes:

But it struck me that by far the most significant aspect of the whole business was that a “Safer Sex” ball has “half-naked” as its dress code. Is this where we are now? No-one bats an eyelid at the frankly preposterous idea that hundreds of barely dressed undergraduates crammed together in the dark with cheap booze and a highly sexualised atmosphere is either appropriate, or likely to promote healthy and responsible sexual behaviour.

Hate to say it, but you can see why the hostile Muslims wouldn’t want to integrate into such a degenerate culture.

Fundamentalist Muslims vs. Fundamentalist Hedonists. The whole thing has an Iran vs. Iraq aspect; can’t they both lose? It reminds me of a UK-based Muslim journalist I met once at an overseas conference, and of whom I’ve written here before. She told me that she and her husband were in a very bad place regarding their children’s education. On the one hand, they couldn’t stand Islamic fundamentalists, and wanted to protect their girls from them. On the other hand, she said, mainstream British culture has become so disgusting and immoral that she doesn’t want her children formed by that either. Between the Salafist Scylla and the hedonist Charybdis, these Muslim parents had to sail.

I’m really glad that in the US, for all our problems, it is still possible to find a sane and broad middle way. And I can better understand why an English immigrant friend is determined to raise her children in the US, despite missing her homeland intensely; she says that they stand a far better chance of holding on to their Christian faith here.

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