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A View From Bulgaria

Bulgarian border wall to deter asylum seekers (Ju1978/Shutterstock)

This letter just came in from a reader in Bulgaria. I don’t have time to correct the English, but I think, in a way, it’s better to leave it like it is. This is a man who felt so strongly about this issue that he worked hard to express his views in a language he doesn’t speak well. Again, just because I post something, and post it without comment, that doesn’t mean I agree with it. I think what this Bulgarian says is important for Americans to hear, even if we don’t want to hear it:

Dear Mr.Dreher,
I read your article “Creating The White Tribe” first in Russian and then in English. I read many artiles published in The American Conservative. I thing that this magazin is not only one in USA but one from a very little quantity of media that can think and see what happends in the world.
Your problem as Americans is that you saw at the world as an oil field. If there is oil field that has to belongs to USA oil companies usually.
If you are Christians what you do for Christian minority in Syria? There was a mass killing of Christians and demolition of church in Malala town in Syria. Your country as a the  greatest Democracy what it do? The right answer is NOTHING.The same is in Egypt.
What happends in Bulgaria since 1990 under the rulls of Democracy, Liberal multy-culty model:
– less populated country
– the first place in the world as depopulization / many people dies and not many burns/
– deindustrialization
– if you are Bulgarian and ortodox believer there is no HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH for you to protect you
– the clercs in Muslim mosque receive their salaries from Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar etc. If somebody say: ” The clerck has to receive their money from Bulgarian state this persons is blamed as nazi, hooligan”.
The nastiest thing what happends is invasion of so called “Refugees”. The so called “Refugees” has got money in 500 Euro bills. When they came they start with their habits:
– not like Bulgarian cuesine
– they want to have got personal of ladies that has to clean their rooms in the camps for refugees. They think it is a hotel like “Ritz”.
– if they have not got permission to go to Germany they make unrest. For exsample there were 26 police officers wounded in the unrest in one of capms in Bulgaria last year.
– the most of  retired people in Bulagria has got pension, income 100 euro per month. Bulgarian state pay for every refugee 350 euro per month.That’s why we will have got more problems.These money are from our budget not from EU.
Your Victoria Nuland said: “F… of  EU”.
Why I have not got the rights to be orthodox Bulgarian and to be proud of it instead of multy-culty politics of USA and EU. Bulgaria exist since 681 year after Christ and we have 13 centuries history. The Cirilic was invented by Slavish brothers Ciril and Methody in Bulgarian state.
I support The President Trump in his wish  to return proud of people  to be Christian and white man. The white people do not deserve to be victims  of Liberal media and Liberal  multy-culty model. The Liberal media accuse the President Trump in everything and white men in the same that’s why more and more white men will be proud of it and will  show it. The Liberal media will “Creating The White Tribe” and it will be not our faults.

Best regards,


Another Bulgarian reader writes:

Hi Rod,

I guess you will be surprised how many Bulgarians are reading that. 😉
First I would like to point out that the “Andreas” guy, is not your
average Bulgarian guy. What he has tried to put in his letter is what
Russian trolls are trolling in Bulgarian web. No one stops any one from
being Orthodox in Bulgaria now. It was kind of forbidden during the
“good old times”. Now days it would be more correct to call the
Christianity in Bulgaria “Easter” Christianity, because that is the only
time of the year when the guys like the writer are going to church. To
see friends and to push some people around to get the holy flame
first… Basically all his letter is “alternative facts” and hate for ”
the others” masked as patriotism. We actually build the wall on the
border with Turkey. The population declines mostly because a lot of
Bulgarians are trying not to live to guys like him and fled the country.
I am one of them. De-industrialization… I never seen a guy who
preferred to buy something engineered and produced in Bulgaria. Car, TV
set, video player or whatever. Yes, we do have some niche products, but
they are producing only components. They don’t like Bulgarian cuisine…
What can a man say about that? 😉 They must be filthy infidels then. 😉
The guy somehow believes that everything was better then. In the good
old days. Why? Because his parents (or figure of authority) told the how
great it was! Was it great? Well, depends. One was getting paid mostly
for showing up to work. Of course some work was done, but definitely not
as much as it should be done considering the manpower involved. So no
unemployment, but all the stories that the pay was enough are from
another reality. On the other hand, we could not own land, we should
have conection to the right people to buy stuff. Books, Coca-cola,
vegetables, TV, you name it. We could not travel without a government
permition outside of our borders or close to our borders. We could not
move to a bigger city without a government permition. We could not voice
opinion different than the government. We should mandatory attend all
government sponsored events. When I say mandatory I mean that there were
people with lists checking who is there and who is not. Yep, there were
security, but in the sense you have more security in totalitarian state.
As the government was doing most of the crimes, private initiative was
very limited in that field. 😉 Then the Communist government peacefully
transited to owning the newly created mobsters and through them the
economy and that was that. Democracy was at fault and the ramblings
about he good old time started in about 10 years… As one guy put it,
do not mistake Communism (the good old times) with your youth. Anyway, I
am lower middle class too and I laugh about being the root of all evil
in the world. It could be mildly annoying, but I know I was born in
privilege. How? Try to pass a sign that says “No trespassers. We shoot!”
and being black in South Africa. I have crossed it with my blond
girlfriend and ask for directions as we were lost. We were offered a
glass of water, directions and “have a nice day”. And yes, there is
richer tahn me black, yellow, pink, violet and whatever else guys than
me, but being white is quite cool and I am not changing it for all the
money in the world. Well, who knows may be for all of them I will
change, but not less than that.


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