Word reaches the Mothership that a spirited band of pro-LSU chevaliers rented a parking lot somewhere in the Superdome’s vicinity for a massive tailgate party. They ordered 13 frozen daiquiri machines, fully loaded, to provide for the spiritual needs of the clientele. Trouble is, they discovered that half the machines were prepared to dispense strawberry daiquiris.

You see the problem, don’t you? Strawberry daiquiris are red — the color of the Alabama Crimson Tide.

This could not stand. Fortunately, someone had the bright idea to obtain a batch of blue food coloring to add to the mix. Result: purple daiquiris. Crisis averted.

Off to the Crescent City shortly. If the Lord is with us, we’ll be at the Old Absinthe House this morning before the last Bloody Marys have been drained. I’ll update the blog as I can today. Lunch at Antoine’s. It’ll be three hours long. Hoo boy. All together, Tiger Nation:

Hot boudin!

Cold coosh-coosh!

Come on, Tigers!

Poosh, poosh, poosh!