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A Pope Who Knows How To Pope

Anna Romano is a woman in Rome who became pregnant by her lover. He is married, and told her he wouldn’t take care of the baby. The cad advised her to get an abortion. Desperate, she wrote to Pope Francis for advice.

The Pope picked up the phone and called her. Italy’s Il Messagero has more, in Italian (translation by Google and me):

“On the phone I was stunned” she says. “I listened to his words: he had read my letter, he reassured me that the baby was a gift from God, a sign of Providence. He told me that I would never be left alone.”

After only a few minutes on the phone, the Pope’s words restored her to hope: “He filled my heart with joy when he told me that I was very brave and strong for my child,” says Anna. “When I told him that I intended to baptize but I was afraid that is not possible because I am a single mother, already divorced, he reassured me, saying: “I am convinced that you will not have trouble finding a spiritual father, but if not, know that there is always me.”

If the child is a boy, Anna told the Holy Father that she will name him Francis.

That is a Pope who knows how to Pope. God grant him many years!

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