My son Lucas, who is 10, has decided the time has come to write a memoir.

“So, Dad, how would I get it into bookstores?”

I tried to explain how this works. It irritated him.

“How do I get a publisher, then?” he asked.

I explained that too.

“Well, I need to get one.”

“It’s not easy,” I said. “You could always self-publish.”

“That sounds good. How do I get bookstores to sell it if I self-publish?”

“You really can’t,” I said.

He found all this very unhelpful. I told him it would be better if he focused on the writing for now.

When he went to bed on Saturday night, I found his start on the screen of the big computer. I congratulated him on Sunday morning, and told him he had about 89,900 words to go.

What?! Oh, man. Well, I’ll probably be filling in some stuff along the way.”

If Lucas is determined to do something, it is very, very hard to stop him. This quality will serve him well in life.

(Hey, do you like how I did what several of you readers told me to do, and didn’t write or approve any comments on Sunday?)