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A Briton Explains Megxit

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A British reader left this excellent comment:

Thank you for continuing to report on the developments within our country. I thought I’d write and communicate to your American readers just why MM, and now Harry, are disliked. I’m not going to include everything, just an overview,

It started when it became public knowledge they were dating. In contrast to the claim the she wanted privacy Meghan would put ‘little hints’ on her blog and Instagram account to show she was seeing someone. She then complained to Harry she was getting targeted by the press in Canada. Yes, the Canada that is now a haven and with the absolutely not racist Trudeau who not only dressed up in black face, but recently completed a tour in India dressed repeatedly in costumes.

After Harry released a statement telling the media to leave his girlfriend alone and calling them racist – yes, that quick – she then went on the cover of Vanity Fair to talk about their relationship. This drew my attention and actually set the pattern which was to follow. She didn’t want privacy, she wanted attention that she could control.

I’m just going to break off here a minute and add that the press has significantly changed since Princess Diana’s day. Following the Livingston Enquiry strict regulations have been laid out for them. Yet even more significant is this; people who are framing this as a racist, particularly right wing, British press can’t answer me this. Why do you suppose this racist press ignored Rotheram for so long? Surely this would have been the ideal opportunity to get their KKK on? Yet when the story finally broke the journalist actually apologised for breaking it. There were no public demonstrations, no revenge attacks. We’re that racist.

Back to the main point.

Following Meghan and Harry’s marriage we watched as she spent her entire time pushing Harry out of the way so she could be introduced to people first. We have an odd system, and I don’t blame people who mock it. Yet if you’re going to accept a title and people curtsying to you, it seems self serving to then demand equality on your own behalf. He is the queens representative, she is only meant to be his companion and escort, yet I’ve never seen footage where she didn’t push ahead to greet people first. This includes other royal family members from other countries. She actually elbowed him in the ribs once to get there quicker.

On their honeymoon she first assisted in representing the queen and spoke about the abortion referendum. This is a woman who boasted about her time in diplomacy, and her university education, but seemed to think that the rule « don’t talk about politics » didn’t apply to abortion. She commented on Ireland’s abortion referendum, telling people at a reception how fantastic it was. This was just prior to pressure being placed on Northern Ireland to follow suit and was, as you can imagine, a monumental mistake.

I put any concern I had aside, as did others.

Then the issue with her father continued to raise its head. We were shocked when he had photos taken for money and the ensuing kerfuffle happened. However it was a storm in a tea cup. We were more shocked when it became evident that there was still no contact between the two. I think it was around this time that the Sussex Royal Instagram account started, with its regularly use of quotes and attention seeking behaviour. It repeatedly referred to the need to ‘be kind’ to one another and ‘have compassion’, yet it was evident that her father had been ignored.

It’s true he did interviews saying he was distraught about this; however it has been made clear that he was never paid for these and prior to the actual wedding, in all the time they were dating, he hadn’t uttered a peep.

It was at that time her friends released the information about the letter. It painted Thomas Markle in a very bad light and her as a victim, heartbroken by his action. It is his releasing the letter to clarify the situation that is the basis of her suing the press.

The vast majority of people were left with the question – why, when he was quiet for three months and he’d had the letter for six months, would she allow her friends to go to the American press about it at that time?

Then the pregnancy happened. The only time MM wore pregnancy clothes proper was on the morning of Eugenie’s wedding. She had only the top buttons of her coat done up, on a warm day, in an obvious attempt to draw attention to her non-existent bump. It was later reported that she’d ‘let people know’ at the reception. Whether that is true or not the day after the wedding it was anounced, taking the attention away from Eugenie. The day before the wedding and every day after she never wore anything that resembled that coat or pregnancy wear again.

By this time her need to push Harry out of the way, her constant staring at every camera (she finds the lens every. Single. Time.) and the coat incident had us all thinking ‘she’s a bit vain isn’t she?’ Raised eyebrow.

The reason why her touching her bump was pointed out in the press so much more than Kate is because it never stopped. She would cup it, rub it, frame it – immediately from the announcement onwards. She’s happy being pregnancy, that’s sweet, no?

It was the middle of winter and the woman who complains about the British weather wore tight fitting clothes and had her coat open all the time. Every picture. Or so we thought. In actual fact she just opened her coat when the press were around. There is a video clip of them going to reveal a plaque. The person organising it tries to get Harry to go on the side where the press is and attempts to escort MM on the other side. She ignores him, walking away, telling Harry to go the other side and she directs herself to the press. The press she hates. As the plaque’s revealed she desperately scrambles to open her coat so once again the bump is seen.

She claps a couple of times, fumbles with her coat tie, claps a couple of times more, fumbles again. It’s comical. And repugnant to be quite frank.

The deal with the royal family is we have them because they neutralise one of the dangers of power. When those with the power also have the glory it’s a heady and dangerous combination. In the British system the royals have the glory, parliament has the power. So royalty, despite being bowed to, is meant to draw attention to others and not be boastful. Yet her behaviour throughout continually drew attention to herself.

She did this not only with her open coat, but the flicking of it as well. I can provide you with youtube clip after YouTube clip showing her doing this. As the cameras click she looks around the room with a fixed grin, revelling in the attention, ignoring whoever is talking to her and flicking her coat back so that a good shot of the bump may be had by all.

As the Instagram account continued it started to highlight not just British charities, but American ones too. This is in spite of America being a far wealthier country and them receiving British taxes. I wouldn’t have minded, but as the months went on it became apparent very quickly that our island didn’t hold her interest at all, and she had her sites set on being there.

Additionally she would highlight issues, and then all her friends business was involved in the solutions. From mental and spiritual retreats worth thousands of pounds, that those actually needing help could never afford, to her friends fashion brands.

Then the baby shower. Since the times of Marie Antoinette, and reinforced by the Russian revolution, the royals have been increasingly careful to not be so ostentatious with their wealth. Sure, at state dinners they look like they fell into a pot of glitter, but the rest of the time they remain relatively low key.

Katherine has done this really well, and it’s one of the reasons she’s liked. I remember one of the early headlines for her was asking if she’d borrowed her mum’s coat. She regularly wore high street and reword her clothes often. In the first year, excluding her wedding dress and her £50,000 engagement dress, she out spent every other European royal woman, including the queens. By four times the amount.

As reports came through of the baby shower, with MM parading behind security barriers through dozens of paparazzi and obviously loving it, we saw the merchandising. Trolleys of goodie bags, unwrapped gifts with brand names exposed and Meghan in sunglasses coming in and out of the excruciatingly expensive hotel.

The thing is that there are strict rules on what a royal can accept, they are a part of the political system after all. Yet it was obvious that thousands of dollars were passing hands for the attention that her name now brought.

It was also evident that MM had alerted the press as to her whereabouts.

Oh, and she’d got there by private jet. Despite her and Harry continually lecturing about the environment.

When she returned her friends spoke out in response to the criticism she’d received. The British public were rebuked from the echelons of hollywood society for daring to point out that this isn’t the way it’s done. Diana was invoked. The press had killed Harry’s mother (not William’s apparently) and now they were going to end up killing his wife. Effectively they were already attempting to shut up any criticism and therefore limiting our press’ capacity to hold those with enormous power and privilege to any standard.

After the bizarre pregnancy and the ostentatious baby shower came the birth. The Sussexes released a statement. They wanted the birth to be private and no announcement would be made for a few weeks after the birth. On the morning she gave birth the timing of the announcement was hours out and coincidentally coincided with America’s time period. As have every single significant announcement since.

It shortly became apparent afterwards that MM, having supposedly shut down her social media accounts and blog following the announcement of the engagement, had actually arranged for the license of it to be continued and – significantly – a new domain to be registered. The Tig was now waiting to be resurrected with the additional Tig Tot. Can you start to see why we were all raising our collective eyebrows.

Then, following the backlash of the birth came Wimbledon. Even now as I write this the audacity of the woman, and the subsequent slandering of our nation as racist, rather than acknowledging that maybe she’d done something to contribute to this situation, makes me furious.

She cleared four rows of Wimbledon so that she and her friends wouldn’t have to sit near the peasants and then she sent her royal protection officers around asking people to not take pictures.

She’s been to Wimbledon several times before – she knows the drill. She knows too that royalty never behave like that there – or anywhere for that matter.

The only people she was recorded as allowing to take her photo was a family dressed in, you guessed it, the flag of America. The humanitarian deemed that us serfs, the ones that paid the bills but dared to question her behaviour, couldn’t sit near her vicinity.

After that storm came the repeated use of private jets. The refusal to go and spend some of the summer with her majesty in Scotland as all royals do, on the pretext that Archie was too young to fly. Whilst they were meant to be visiting her majesty MM flew again for the weekend to watch her friend Serena Williams play tennis. She sat in the stands with the other people and gave a cutesie wave. How insulting after Wimbledon.

Added to that Serena was playing the Canadian girl and not only did the Vice President of the commonwealth trust, the position she holds, sit in Serena’s box, but she didn’t even acknowledge the Canadian player. This is the same Commonwealth and same Canada that she now seed as so superior to us awful and racist Brits.

In response to the private jets there was a tsunami of celebrities again berating the British people for being racist, for killing Princess Diana who the world and all Americans loved (I don’t know how Americans can have heard of Princess Diana a by the way. It can’t possibly be through the blood thirsty press, nor could they have worshipped her through those blood stained photos).

Harry then launched travelyst, complaining about the criticism he’d received for use of private jets, lying about how frequently he used them and complaining about tourist ‘traffic jams’ in places he loved to visit. Those peasants again. Get them away from us.

I wondered at the time, and now it’s self evident: he got paid for that launch too.

Then came the Lion King premier. Prince Harry, the Captain General of the Royal Marines, turned down an invitation to attend the 20th anniversary of the Deal bombings. An invitation that was extended 11 months before hand and that he rejected six weeks before.

Instead he attended the premiere with his wife in return for 3 million for their foundation. The foundation registered in, you guessed it, America. The foundation whose money which is now recognised as providing the finances to sue the British press.

Additionally whilst there Harry hit up the head of Disney for a job for his wife. She’s meant to give the money to charity. We’ll see how much they get.

Whilst at the premiere she was heard to say in response to someone’s statement of how difficult she is having it from those nasty British she said “they don’t make it easy”.

Us. The ones who paid for the wedding. Her clothing budget which ran way in excess of any other European royal. Her house renovations to her specification. Yep. We’re bastards. We even want to sit and watch a match in Wimbledon after we’ve waited in line since five in the morning. We’re such a**holes. And don’t mention the travel clogging up Harry’s favourite spots.

Then the South African tour. In which Harry hinted that he’d love to spend time there, but the problems were too big to fix. Where he told a small child that sometimes the troubles of the world made him so desperate he couldn’t get out of bed in the morning. When Meghan was interviewed, she acknowledged her husbands distress and then told the interviewer how she kept telling Harry (beneficial for his mental health) that it wasn’t enough to survive, they had to thrive.

As they toured Meghan once again became political, as she had with the Vogue cover and other times, and brought Me Too biscuits. The irony that this feminist was hiring Sunshine Sachs, who had as a client Harvey Weinstein and whom the humanitarians were paying from their foundation didn’t strike them.

On the final day Harry released a scathing attack on the press. He acknowledge that the reporting on the tour was all positive, but then continued to berate all the press, not just selective outlets, all of them and anounced how they would be suing. On the last day of the tour. Nevertheless they weren’t going to announce at that time what had been so awful, oh no, that could wait.

Of course that’s all anyone talked about, not the work being done in South Africa. And then as Catherine and William started their delicate tour in Pakistan they released details of what they were suing the press for.

As time continued it was announced that the Sussexes would take an extended leave. They refused to spend any of the holiday season with her majesty and didn’t return when Philip was ill. But it emerged that as they were away countless domain names, a website as well as business contacts were being cultivated. All in the name of their titles.

Additional trademarks were created in the Sussex Royal brand for everything from t-shirts to coffee mugs.

However there were no paparazzi. Towards the end of their holiday they actually leaked their own location and had a co worker of Ben Mulroney, their friend, pretend that the Sussexes had taken their picture.

When they returned they announced they were visiting Canadian House to thank them for their ‘warm welcome’ (read, those cold British bastards). The next day she was spotted on a visit to a British theatre as part of her job as a patron. The ‘papparazi’ photos that documented the visit were distributed by an agency known to work with celebrities in taking candid, ahem, shots. She had her hands splayed on her legs with clearly no wedding rings on.

That night, at midnight – coinciding with the American market again, they announced they were stepping back. However they were still going to be royal, oh yes. They were going to have all their security paid by the tax payers, they were going to forgo 5% of their income (how noble), but still receive financial assistance as they worked towards becoming independent. This from a couple with nearly 40 million. The humanitarians.

The rest you know; except perhaps their latest post on Instagram. It includes a Stone Roses song with the line ‘Id like to leave the country for a month of sundays’. Oh and Meghan’s out and about smiling at the paparazzi and letting, through her friends, everyone know that living the life of a royal was ‘soul crushing’ and now ‘she’s free to do what she wants’.

By the way. I don’t think her behaviour is because she’s American, or because of her race. This is all on her.

As for him. I’m going to leave it there before I get in trouble.

I appreciate the thoroughness of this account. I would like to ask British readers: does this account sound plausible to you?

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