The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza rated the Texas governor the Worst Candidate of 2012. Excerpt:

Remember back to the late summer of 2011. Perry entered the race with what looked like a straight path to frontrunner status. He was a conservative’s conservative with a proven record of doing what he said in Texas. He was a fundraising powerhouse. He had a charisma that former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney lacked. It was all there for the taking.

Until, it became clear that the idea of Rick Perry running for president was very different than the reality of Rick Perry running for president. While Perry began strong with a much-touted appearance in Waterloo,  Iowa, that single event wound up being the best moment of a campaign whose trajectory was almost entirely downward.

Perry had some stiff competition, as Cillizza notes. You’ll want to check out his list. But let me ask you readers for your own Worst Candidate of 2012 entries. Cillizza identifies lousy candidates who had national profiles, but surely there were some howlers in local races that never made national news. Tell us about the doofuses who ran in your area.