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Trump The Illusion-Shatterer

His historic candidacy made possible by GOP leadership captive to its own false narrative

Posted March 8th, 2016

Honoring Amos Pierce

A great American who fought for his country in WW2 — and kept fighting for it in civilian life

Posted November 11th, 2015

The Heroism of Amos Pierce

An old soldier puts me in my place

Posted September 15th, 2015

The Cross Vs. The Swastika

In the Purgatorio, when Dante reaches Eden at the top of the …

Posted November 13th, 2013

Zen And Historical Guilt

Related to yesterday’s discussion of race, history, and repentance, a reader sends …

Posted August 23rd, 2013

Generations And War

That’s my son Lucas and my dad, his grandfather, today at the …

Posted August 21st, 2012