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What’s The Matter With Virginia?

The collapse of the state’s Democratic Party leadership is a sign of the times

Posted February 6th, 2019

B’rer Ralph’s Blackface Picture

Infanticide-defending Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam has a little problem.

Posted February 1st, 2019

Virginia Democrats For Infanticide

State rep for third-richest county in America proposes killing unborn up to seconds before birth

Posted January 29th, 2019

Peter Vlaming Vs. Trans Tyrants

The took his job as a Virginia public school teacher, but they couldn’t take his integrity

Posted December 7th, 2018

View From Your Table

Dulles Airport, Virginia

Posted July 28th, 2018

Dems Stumbling Over Race (Again)

Staying woke but staying broke in Virginia governor’s race

Posted November 6th, 2017

View From Your Table

Italy and northern Virginia

Posted May 8th, 2017

View From Your Table

Grilled oysters at the tailgate before the Alabama game. The hand belongs …

Posted November 5th, 2016

View From Your Table

Charlottesville, Virginia

Posted February 12th, 2016

UVA’s Christian Houses

Creating households of faith and integrity in college

Posted October 13th, 2015

Tea Party Destroys Eric Cantor

Unbelievable: In one of the most stunning primary election upsets in congressional …

Posted June 10th, 2014

So Much For Federalism & Gay Marriage

A federal judge in Virginia has struck down that state’s ban on …

Posted February 14th, 2014

View From Your Table

On a recent business trip to Austin, the reader’s wife remembered that …

Posted February 6th, 2014

Mark Herring Vs. The People Of Virginia

I know that the American legal culture has shifted so much at …

Posted January 23rd, 2014

View From Your Table

At the Jefferson Hotel. Glad to be back on VFYT; things had …

Posted November 11th, 2012

View From Your Table

Says the reader: Here’s a little different take on the View From …

Posted October 22nd, 2012

View From Your Table

The reader writes: Hope you’re enjoying Paris! Here’s a very anglophilic lunch …

Posted October 11th, 2012