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Rene Girard & The Covington Catholic Boys

Christianity and the advent of the ‘other totalitarianism’

Posted January 27th, 2019

Religion, Violence, And ‘Apocalpyto’

Revising Mel Gibson’s bloody 2006 drama about human sacrifice and the end of a Mesoamerican civilization

Posted January 3rd, 2019

René Girard & Harvey Weinstein

Will the disgraced pervy producer take away the ‘sins’ of a film industry rife with sexual abuse?

Posted October 15th, 2017

Anti-First Amendment Culture Emerges

And conservative Christians are going to be ‘the indispensable scapegoat’

Posted September 22nd, 2017

Evangelicals As Girardian Scapegoats

Prediction: Trump will throw them overboard in attempt to appease mob

Posted September 7th, 2017

Mysticism & The Benedict Option

It’s not an escape from the post-Christian world, but a strategy for enduring it

Posted August 17th, 2017

Trump’s Girardian Moment

Theory: Assad is a scapegoat that discharges domestic US conflicts

Posted April 12th, 2017

Unfortunately, Character Is Destiny

Trump and ‘wondering how and when the crash will come’

Posted January 30th, 2017

Reading Rene Girard At The End Of The World

In the post-Christian West, ‘we have no more protection against our own violence’

Posted January 30th, 2017

René Girard, 1923-2015

Remembering one of the great intellectuals of our time

Posted November 6th, 2015