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Second Thoughts On Pot

Alex Berenson’s anti-marijuana book Tell Your Children is red-pilling surprising people

Posted January 9th, 2019

Yankee Bigot Scared Of Chick-Fil-A

Woke Brooklyn twerp urges city dwellers to reject ‘suburban piety’ of beloved chicken purveyor

Posted April 13th, 2018

Lost Causes And Stand-Taking Down South

The New Yorker profiles me and the story of my family

Posted April 24th, 2017

Where Trump Voters Come From

‘Let’s take a Manhattan-sized dump on Middle America,’ said the editors of the New Yorker

Posted October 5th, 2016

Post-Christianity & the Culture of Death

Belgium’s culture of euthanasia is the logical endpoint of hedonic individualism

Posted June 16th, 2015

A Case for Bibliotherapy

Reading novels to solve your personal problems may be better than seeing a counselor

Posted June 10th, 2015

The Psychedelic Dante

Psychoactive drugs, mystical experience, and a visit to Paradiso

Posted February 5th, 2015

Best New Yorker Cover Ever

Ana Juan says it better than anybody else

Posted January 9th, 2015

RIP The New Republic

It’s like buying Carnegie Hall and turning it into Dave & Buster’s

Posted December 4th, 2014

Shingy is as Shingy Does

The muse of every hip scamster exploiting the rich and the stupid

Posted November 11th, 2014

Don’t Blame Gerrymandering

In a subscriber-only New Yorker piece reviewing what political science books have to …

Posted November 26th, 2013

Among The Fire-Eaters

Not long ago we were talking about hot and spicy food here. …

Posted November 4th, 2013

Police And Are Thieves

Stop whatever you’re doing and read Sarah Stillman’s New Yorker piece on …

Posted August 6th, 2013

The Joy Of Sour Beer

Imagine my delight this morning to see that The New Yorker has …

Posted August 5th, 2013

King Dong Terrorizes City!

The New Yorker tweeted the cover from its next issue, and it’s …

Posted July 26th, 2013

The Cult Of Mr. Berman

Creepy but fascinating Marc Fisher piece from The New Yorker about a …

Posted March 25th, 2013

Worst Badger Counting Day Ever

A working draft of the script for the first episode of next …

Posted February 27th, 2013