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View From Your Table

Louisville, Kentucky

Posted February 8th, 2017

Law School Goes Full PC, Lies About It

University of Louisville mandates social leftism, calls it ‘compassion’

Posted January 20th, 2016

Law For Thee, But Not For Me

By imprudently defying the rule of law, Christians risk more than they know

Posted September 4th, 2015

Kim Davis: Political Prisoner? Culture-War Martyr?

The Kentucky clerk is the Michael Brown of the Religious Right

Posted September 3rd, 2015

The Complicated Kim Davis Case

There’s More — heh — in play in the Kentucky clerk’s resistance than many of her fans and detractors realize

Posted September 3rd, 2015

View From Your Table

The reader writes: Crab cake with fried Saltines (they were incredible) and …

Posted June 15th, 2014

View From Your Table

Breathtaking! The reader writes: Apropos of your now not so recent post …

Posted June 11th, 2014

So Much For Federalism & Gay Marriage

A federal judge in Virginia has struck down that state’s ban on …

Posted February 14th, 2014

View From Your Table — Fr. Capon Edition

You’ll recall that I promised to post every VFYT I receive that …

Posted September 7th, 2013

View From Your Table

Says the reader: Food and feasting are important to my family. Our …

Posted February 8th, 2013