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Tale Of Two Persecuted Pastors

‘I will be executed, but I will not plead guilty’ says Chinese pastor. ‘My best life is seeing my wife happy’ says American pastor

Posted December 15th, 2018

John Gray & Einstein’s Library

A witty new book by an atheist, criticizing most kinds of atheism

Posted November 8th, 2018

Anti-Gun Intersectional Sabotage

‘What is the half-life of the Left devouring its own?’

Posted March 29th, 2018

After The Election Smoke Clears

The coming war over the post-liberal political order

Posted November 8th, 2016

The Senility Of The Western Mind

‘Perhaps what our culture lacks, in the end, is the ability to understand itself’

Posted April 20th, 2016

The Secret God of the Secularists

Evangelical atheism as a form of liberal moral panic

Posted March 13th, 2015

The Unexamined Dogmas Of Contemporary Atheists

In a Slate (!) review of a new book about atheism by Nick …

Posted July 9th, 2014

Linker On Christianity & Gay Marriage

Damon Linker is writing too many provocative things too fast for me …

Posted February 20th, 2014

Confirmation Bias & Malcolm Gladwell

John Gray alleges that Malcolm Gladwell tells the kinds of “fairy tales” …

Posted November 27th, 2013

John Gray, Anti-Progressive

The British political philosopher John Gray is one of my favorite writers. …

Posted June 12th, 2013

Marching On The ‘Right Side Of History’

Anthony Sacramone is skeptical of the claim that one is on “the …

Posted March 11th, 2013

Everything’s For Sale

John Gray reviews a new book and reflects on how capitalism utterly …

Posted March 7th, 2013

Et In Arcadia Ego

From an interview with the philosopher John Gray: Why did you decide …

Posted February 24th, 2013

Communism, Fascism, & The Grand March

In a Times Literary Supplement essay reviewing a new book about communism and …

Posted January 3rd, 2013

Another Failed Utopia

In his Five Books interview on The Browser, ex-CIA agent Robert Baer …

Posted September 15th, 2012