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That Time Jesus Learned His Lesson

The core difference between progressive Christianity and traditional Christianity

Posted February 8th, 2018

Trump, Jesus, & Our Culturally Illiterate Elite

Trump Derangement Syndrome: a mind is a terrible thing to waste

Posted December 26th, 2016

Trump’s Personal Jesus

The candidate witnesses to Moralistic Trumpapeutic Deism

Posted June 9th, 2016

Transgender-ish Jesus

Exciting and by no means ridiculous insights from leading post-Christian theologians

Posted May 17th, 2016

‘Resident Aliens’ & the Benedict Option

The continuing relevance of the 1980s classic by Stanley Hauerwas and William Willimon

Posted September 1st, 2015

Can Your Grocery Store Do This?

Only in the South … and only in south Louisiana

Posted August 16th, 2015

3 More Reasons to Love Louisiana

A trio of postcards of my home

Posted June 11th, 2015

The Relic They Cannot Explain

The mystery of the Shroud of Turin

Posted April 4th, 2015

Wonkette Hearts Jesus

Is Ana Marie Cox a true Christian? How would you know?

Posted March 1st, 2015

Who Is a Christian?

Some of the Copts died with the name of Jesus on their lips. That doesn’t mean they were Christians, say other Christians

Posted February 18th, 2015

Jesus, the Common Bond

Blacks, whites, Christianity, and life in the American South

Posted December 1st, 2014

Jesus, Gay Marriage, & Red-Letter Christians

To me, the most interesting thing about Sarah Pulliam Bailey’s interview with …

Posted May 14th, 2014

‘Nice’ Christians With Wet Handshakes

Tim Stanley has had enough of Rev, a British TV show whose …

Posted April 16th, 2014

Emergent Jesus Met The Woman At The Well

Oh, this is superb: Exhausted from global warming in oppressed Palestine, Jesus …

Posted January 26th, 2014

When Faith Means Something

  I stood in front of that cross last night at vespers, …

Posted October 31st, 2013

RIP Lou Reed

Lou Reed has died. Time to get out those old Velvet Underground …

Posted October 27th, 2013

Jesus Means Business

Zack Hunt, a youth minister whose blog The American Jesus pokes fun …

Posted October 19th, 2013