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Jaron Lanier: We Blew It

The Silicon Valley pioneer regrets

Posted April 25th, 2018

The Forever Idiot Machine

The Internet shreds the possibility of establishing religious truth

Posted January 8th, 2018

The Internet As Monster

James Bridle loves the Internet, but sometimes, he wants to destroy it. Here’s why

Posted November 7th, 2017

He Was Once Possessed

Andrew Sullivan on how expelling the Internet delivered him into a new life

Posted September 19th, 2016

You Kids Get Off That Internet

At the dawn of the Internet age, a grumpy skeptic opines

Posted May 23rd, 2015

When Porn Comes To Your Kid’s Smart Phone

The price of having the Internet in your family home is eternal vigilance.

Posted August 28th, 2014

Can Traditional Religion Survive A Wired World?

In a must-read column, Damon Linker explores the role that the Internet …

Posted July 18th, 2014

The Deathlessness Of Paper

Nicholas Carr says that everybody was predicting the end of printed books …

Posted June 4th, 2014

Internet Porn & The Decline Of Faith

Joel J. Miller takes note of a new study positing the decline …

Posted April 9th, 2014

James Bond Is Your Facebook Frenemy

Glenn Greenwald publishes more documents from the Snowden cache, these showing how …

Posted February 27th, 2014

Can You Be Both Moral & A Conservative Journalist?

This came in the e-mail the other day, from somebody whose byline …

Posted September 9th, 2013

‘Lifestyle Liberalism’ & Its Consequences

A friend of mine who is generally liberal in his politics, cultural …

Posted February 27th, 2013

More On Benedict’s Resignation

The Washington Post reports that a lot of it had to do …

Posted February 15th, 2013

Jaron Lanier & Digital Maoism

Here’s a really interesting piece from Smithsonian Magazine about the early web …

Posted December 28th, 2012

When The Magic Goes

A reader writes: Basically, I have caught Fr. Groeschel before in serious …

Posted September 8th, 2012