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The Desecration of Chartres

A restoration that makes the cathedral look like ‘a funeral parlor in Little Italy ‘

Posted December 15th, 2014

Dark Parents, Dark Daughter

It turns out that the parents of one of the 12-year-old girls …

Posted June 10th, 2014

Healing Places, Thin Places

One of you forwarded me a link to a Krista Tippett interview …

Posted November 1st, 2013

Saint-Severin And The Joy Of Gothic

This afternoon the boys and I were stumbling through the narrow streets …

Posted October 30th, 2012

The People You Meet

Matthew and I dropped by the Pantheon this morning so he could …

Posted October 17th, 2012

God and Geometry

That view is from the chapter house of York Minster in York, …

Posted August 20th, 2012