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A Politics Of Localism

The Front Porch Republican Party caucuses at Notre Dame

Posted October 25th, 2016

Porchers At Notre Dame

‘Populism, Power, and Place’ conference on October 8

Posted September 23rd, 2016

Front Porch Republic @ Notre Dame

Talking Benedict Option with the Porchers at Our Lady’s university

Posted September 13th, 2016

Oh, the Places You Should Go

On current and future travels

Posted October 2nd, 2015

PoMos Vs. Porchers In Alt-Con Shootout

Mitrailleuse says that with the migration of Peter Lawler’s Postmodern Conservative blog to …

Posted June 4th, 2014

Caleb Stegall: A Rising Front Porch Republican

This is great news! My friend and philosophical confrère Caleb Stegall has …

Posted September 3rd, 2013

Colin Brown Has Two Questions

Colin Brown, over at Signpostings, a Walker Percy-esque blog, offers five questions …

Posted August 13th, 2013

A Michigan Nostos

How does a successful lawyer living at the center of American power …

Posted March 4th, 2013

Go To The 2012 Front Porch Republic Conference

Hope College in Holland, Michigan, is hosting the 2012 FPR conference on …

Posted August 11th, 2012