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Gardeners, Knights, And the Benedict Option

Catholic high school teacher lives agrarian Ben Op in suburban Wichita

Posted January 19th, 2016

Tolkien Sees A Dryad

Reader Michael Sacasas, whose blog is called The Frailest Thing, writes: Some …

Posted June 1st, 2014

No Insurance — And Their Farm Is Mostly Destroyed

This e-mail just came in from the listserv of Rehoboth Ranch, the …

Posted April 7th, 2014

Tornado Tears Up Texas Family Farm

If you read my book Crunchy Cons, you will remember the Hutchins …

Posted April 4th, 2014

Room For A View

Here’s an interesting account of a land dispute in semi-rural Maryland, sent …

Posted November 25th, 2012

On A French Farm

A good friend sent me a link to a sub-blog run by …

Posted September 18th, 2012

Speed Dating For Crunchy Cons

Erin Manning passes along news of a Williamsburg-Hipsters-Meet-Norwegian-Bachelor-Farmers fad: For one night …

Posted July 17th, 2012