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Crushing Medical Conscience Rights

After Trump, ideologues pushing for mandatory participation in abortion and euthanasia will likely be in power

Posted July 3rd, 2019

Don’t Get Old In Belgium

Forty percent of Belgians want to save money by withdrawing healthcare for those 85 and older

Posted March 22nd, 2019

Cdl Danneels, Euthanizer Of Belgian Catholicism

The recently deceased former Primate of Belgium presided over the self-murder of the Church

Posted March 19th, 2019

About Alfie Evans

British court: Child must stay in UK to die, because his life is unworthy of life

Posted April 24th, 2018

The Dangers Of ‘Dialogue’

When a call to talk is really an invitation to surrender

Posted September 13th, 2017

Charlie Gard Is Going To Die

It didn’t have to end this way

Posted July 25th, 2017

‘Tenderness Leads To The Gas Chamber’

On euthanasia, the Catholic bishops of eastern Canada say, ‘Who are we to judge?’

Posted December 13th, 2016

The World To Come

Of gender, democracy, generations, and the right to life

Posted June 24th, 2016

‘I’m Gay. Help Me Kill Myself’

Belgian man tormented by his homosexuality requests euthanasia. How do pro-euthanasia liberals deny him?

Posted June 10th, 2016

Your Job Or Your Faith

What happens when you are turfed out of your profession because of your faith?

Posted April 6th, 2016

The Vacant Commons

The steady evaporation of the idea of the common good

Posted December 15th, 2015

Post-Christianity & the Culture of Death

Belgium’s culture of euthanasia is the logical endpoint of hedonic individualism

Posted June 16th, 2015

In Belgium, Medicalizing Murder

Let’s face it, says the ghoulish Dr. Jean-Marie Vincent, a prominent Belgian …

Posted April 7th, 2014

When Killing Children Is OK By Europeans

Belgium has now legalized euthanasia for children. All that remains is for …

Posted February 14th, 2014

Life Unworthy Of Life

Belgium is about to cross an important line: Belgium took a big …

Posted December 13th, 2013

Door-To-Door Suicide

Tim Stanley reflects on the meaning of the euthanasia of Nathan Verhelst, …

Posted October 4th, 2013