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Turning Your Back To The Village

If you’re not willing to give your kids Churchill, you had better pay your respects to Teen Moms 2

Posted December 27th, 2016

Benedict Option as a Way of Life

For Christians living in post-Christianity, the real battle is not political, but spiritual

Posted September 27th, 2015

The Early Church & Emperor Worship

Learning from the first Christians

Posted April 15th, 2015

Dante: Seeing, Loving, Believing

How certain truths only disclose themselves to those who first love, and trust

Posted March 23rd, 2015

Basil Meets the Benedict Option

What the early church can teach the church of the 21st century

Posted March 18th, 2015

Seems Like Old Times. Really Old Times

The past few days I’ve been talking to legal scholars and activists …

Posted August 14th, 2013