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Hospice & the High Cost of Dying

Most health-care costs come at the very end of life. What if there is a better way?

Posted August 31st, 2015

Practicing Resurrection

Death approaches, and within its shadow, new life grows

Posted August 24th, 2015

‘Only His Hands, Quiet On The Sheet’

The blessing of dying at home

Posted August 20th, 2015

The Last Days of Kara Tippetts

‘Suffering isn’t the absence of God’s goodness’

Posted March 14th, 2015

A Theology Of The Dead

My mother phoned just now to tell me that an elderly lady …

Posted June 26th, 2014

What The Dying Might Be Saying

On Sunday, when Shawnee Smith interviewed my father and me at the …

Posted May 20th, 2014