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The Mark Of The Woke

Woke Capitalism tightens the noose around Izzy Folau

Posted June 24th, 2019

Seth Meyers Show: Pope Is ‘Homophobic’

On national TV, gay writer condemns Francis for encouraging hate

Posted December 11th, 2018

The Christian Bridge Too Far

There is no reconciling sides on the role of gays in the church

Posted May 10th, 2017

We Have Been Warned

Prominent pro-LGBT Christian: ‘Nice church you have there. Would be a shame if anything happened to it’

Posted August 23rd, 2016

Debating Orlando’s Meaning

Christians, orthodox and progressive, talk about the fault (or not) of conservative Christians in the massacre

Posted June 16th, 2016

The Joy of Resistance

The Benedict Option and fighting the dictatorship of relativism

Posted April 6th, 2015

Christians ‘Must Be Made’ to Bow

New York Times columnist endorses forcing conversions of orthodox Christians to gay-rights gospel

Posted April 4th, 2015