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Christmas In The Cracked Temple

The terrible saving mysteries of the Nativity

Posted December 23rd, 2018

How Ta-Nehisi Coates Got That Way

His problem is not the persistence of racism, but with the inability of atheism to offer hope

Posted May 8th, 2018

The Esoteric Benedict Option

Natural law and the US Constitution in the post-Christian era

Posted December 15th, 2017

Two Unusual Gospel Stories

Of Gerasene demoniacs and unbelieving homeboys

Posted November 5th, 2017

More David Hart On Kosmos/Cosmos

You might have seen my post the other day about the theologian …

Posted October 18th, 2017

Found In The Cosmos

What’s in a word? A fresh New Testament translation raises the question fruitfully

Posted October 16th, 2017

Why We Need David Bentley Hart

A profound theologian makes the discussion of God seem fresh and urgent

Posted October 12th, 2017

Mormons & Gay Marriage

Is the LDS Church modeling the Benedict Option?

Posted November 30th, 2015

Benedict And Nothing

Why Christians are going to have to learn to love the Benedict Option

Posted October 19th, 2015

The Beautiful Lie

Planned Parenthood & the Potemkin village

Posted July 31st, 2015

Reuben’s Faeries

Why this Orthodox believer has more in common with pagans than with modernist Christians

Posted July 30th, 2015

Should We Fight the Culture War?

Yes, but fight it intelligently. You don’t have to risk dying on every hill in a losing war

Posted April 29th, 2015

The Apocalyptic Dante

What taking the red pill of The Divine Comedy reveals

Posted April 21st, 2015

St. Julian the Apostate

Lessons from the failed life of the Last Roman Pagan

Posted March 24th, 2015

Signs from Science

Cosmology doesn’t prove God’s existence, but it does point towards the plausibility of that conclusion

Posted December 30th, 2014

The Glory Of Patrick Leigh Fermor

A kind reader sends David Bentley Hart’s column about Patrick Leigh Fermor …

Posted May 19th, 2014

‘The Thinker We’ve Been Waiting For’

In the British magazine Standpoint, James Mumford rhapsodizes about the American theologian …

Posted May 1st, 2014