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Forget It Jake, It’s Clintontown

Once again, the Clintons get away with it

Posted July 5th, 2016

Ignorance As a Political Virtue

‘On foreign policy, Donald Trump, you’re doing a heck of a job’

Posted September 4th, 2015

Putin, Checkmated?

Russia’s economic free fall and the fate of its leader

Posted December 17th, 2014

Uncle Sam: The Mideast’s Useful Idiot

Once more, into the breach while the region’s governments hold our coat

Posted September 11th, 2014

Putin Told Us So

If John McCain dies and goes to hell, he will spend eternity …

Posted August 23rd, 2014

Can America Live Without Cultural Imperialism?

David Brooks doesn’t think so. He laments that Americans no longer rally behind …

Posted June 27th, 2014

Needed: A Great Uniter

Like some of you, I am eager to see the Tea Party …

Posted October 16th, 2013

Republican Jungle Fever

News from Washington tonight: talks between the President and House Republicans over …

Posted October 13th, 2013

Crazy Washington Calls The Rest Of Us Crazy

Heard the phrase “Iraq Syndrome” yet? It’s supposed to describe a mental …

Posted September 5th, 2013

The Politics Of Liturgy

Noah Millman has an interesting meditation on the connection, or lack thereof, …

Posted February 19th, 2013

If That’s The ‘Mainstream’…

I heard Sen. Lindsey Graham on the radio the other day saying …

Posted January 10th, 2013

It’s Not Just The Messaging

Daniel Larison, who has been having a terrific run of blogging lately, …

Posted November 15th, 2012


The great Daniel Larison often hits my right-wing miserabilist sweet spot. Here …

Posted September 30th, 2012

The Limits of American Conservatism

Excellent post by Daniel Larison. Excerpt:  Stanley is right that lack of …

Posted September 10th, 2012