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Au Revoir, M. Bocuse

A remembrance of the greatest chef in France, who died today

Posted January 20th, 2018

Three Unexpected Things to Like About Rand Paul

Cooking, Dostoevsky, and Crunchy Cons

Posted May 27th, 2015

How Bill Buford Saved Me From Culinary School

It has long been my ambition to go to culinary school. I …

Posted April 16th, 2014

Marcella Hazan Changed His Life

Reader Liam sent this as an “important update” to the Marcella Hazan …

Posted October 1st, 2013

Giles Coren On Food Writing

The Browser has a pleasurable Five Books interview with the English newspaper …

Posted December 31st, 2012

How Do You Know You’re Any Good?

Alan Jacobs has a good post up with a lengthy quote from …

Posted November 15th, 2012

In The Populist Kitchen

Culture war is really just another form of class conflict. My latest …

Posted August 6th, 2012