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Alas For Social Justice Perverts

Progressives lament Tumblr’s ban on porn as bad for the ‘marginalized’ and ‘vulnerable’

Posted December 4th, 2018

America’s Social (Justice) Credit System

While we look with horror on China’s government-imposed ‘social credit’ system, the West’s own version is emerging

Posted October 16th, 2018

BBC To Identify Haters Within

Don’t want to wear a badge declaring yourself an LGBT ‘ally’? The Beeb is going to get you sorted, bigot

Posted October 15th, 2018

Hungary 1, BBC 0

Country’s foreign minister gives insolent BBC interviewer hell

Posted July 3rd, 2018

Westminster As Chinatown

Don’t know if you’ve been following the burgeoning scandal in the UK, …

Posted July 23rd, 2014

Nuland Working To Overthrow Ukraine Government

Did you hear the audio of the phone call between Assistant US …

Posted February 10th, 2014

Those Wacky Polyamorists!

The BBC brings us a somewhat chirpy look at polyamory in the …

Posted August 21st, 2013

Doctor Who’s Pervert Masters

Speaking of Mr. Berman and Horace Mann, there are now more stories …

Posted March 26th, 2013

Far From The Imperial City

Happy Inauguration Day. Here is a short video report the BBC did …

Posted January 20th, 2013

The Savile Row

(Sorry, couldn’t resist that subject line.) The tempest over the late BBC …

Posted November 2nd, 2012

Anglo-American Media Elite Merger

Hmm: The New York Times Company has named Mark Thompson, the outgoing …

Posted August 15th, 2012