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The NSA Can Know Everything

Google's quantum computing breakthrough will give the State the capacity to sift all data
Rod Dreher October 23, 2019

China: The Techno-Totalitarian Leviathan

Kai Strittmatter's stunning book about Xi Jinping's surveillance state
Rod Dreher October 10, 2019

China’s Present, America’s Future

Technocracy, tyranny, and the future of our freedom
Rod Dreher October 8, 2019

You Are Not ‘Innocent’

On the intersection of Edward Snowden with the wisdom of a Czech anticommunist dissident
Rod Dreher September 23, 2019

Leszek Kolakowski’s Warning

Anticipating and resisting 'a totalitarianism of immediate gratification'
Rod Dreher July 8, 2019

The Twerp Caesar Vs. Us

Peggy Noonan calls for anti-trust regulation of Facebook. She's right
Rod Dreher June 7, 2019

Motoring With Big Brother

Hitting the open road with surveillance capitalism
Rod Dreher April 23, 2019

Faces Of ‘Sensitive People’

China leads the way in racial profiling with facial-recognition software
Rod Dreher April 15, 2019

Sabina, Our Hero

Resisting the soft tyranny of information technology
Rod Dreher April 12, 2019

The Meaning Of Google Vs. ‘Unplanned’

The cultural power of Internet giants, and how they use it to stigmatize dissent
Rod Dreher April 11, 2019