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NBA, Stop Being Beijing’s Enforcers

Actual American citizens booted from NBA game in Philly for pro-Hong Kong signs
Rod Dreher October 9, 2019

NBA To China: ‘How Now Kowtow?’

Lessons from capitulation of 'world's wokest sports league' to Beijing's tyranny
Rod Dreher October 7, 2019

Israel Folau, Religious Liberty Martyr

If they will destroy the career of the country's No. 1 rugby player, who is safe?
Rod Dreher May 17, 2019

Israel Folau, Hell, And Australian Politics

The fate of a star Australian athlete who violated secular liberalism's blasphemy code is a bellwether
Rod Dreher May 14, 2019

Tennis, Technocracy & Servitude

Decline and fall: American teenager puts down his racket and picks up a joystick
Rod Dreher March 27, 2019

Bad Martina! Bad!

World's greatest female athlete -- a lesbian -- says trans women shouldn't compete as women. Gay commissars pounce
Rod Dreher February 20, 2019

Disgraceful PC In Pittsburgh

LGBTs and allies won't tolerate Chick-fil-A as kids' marathon sponsor
Rod Dreher October 19, 2018

LSU Haka Dad FTW!

This is why the Tigers beat Georgia 36-16
Rod Dreher October 14, 2018

Trump’s Football Follies

Only Donald Trump could make protesting during the National Anthem a patriotic act
Rod Dreher September 25, 2017

Hazing At Wheaton

Evangelical college allegedly covered up shocking brutality by football players
Rod Dreher September 19, 2017