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Dictatorship Of The Victimariat

The cowardly surrender of liberal leaders to the demands of cultural revolutionaries
Rod Dreher December 5, 2019

Impossible To Please — Or To Parody

Nut Night at the Olympia City Council says something about progressivism's pathologies
Rod Dreher December 4, 2019

SJW Shock Troops Of Totalitarianism

Hannah Arendt on the capitulation of early 20th-century elites to 'social justice' mobs
Rod Dreher December 4, 2019

Amanda Marcotte’s Trigglypuff Christmas

On December 25, SJW scribe plans to immiserate herself to show Trump how bad he is
Rod Dreher December 3, 2019

‘See How You Like This, Bigot’

Militant wokeness in news and entertainment is radicalizing to the Right some people who don't want to be
Rod Dreher December 2, 2019

The Russian Twilight Of Late Imperial America

The unsettling parallels between pre-revolutionary Russia and the emerging post-liberal United States
Rod Dreher December 1, 2019

Elie Mystal’s Woke Thanksgiving

Prefer white meat to dark? You might be a racist -- and this loudmouth leftist thinks you need to hear about it
Rod Dreher November 28, 2019

Conservatives At The Maginot Line

Why conservatives fighting the culture war in a post-Christian nation seem so desperate
Rod Dreher November 27, 2019

‘Idea Laundering’

How ideologues generate a veil of respectability for their bad concepts, and spread them throughout society
Rod Dreher November 26, 2019

Academic Witnesses To The Persecution

Within American institutions, wokeness has become the Establishment -- and it is merciless to dissenters
Rod Dreher November 25, 2019